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Voice of Liberal Democrats: Why Liberal Democracy is the best option for Eritrea and Eritreans? (Part I)

It is not a surprise if I can claim that I am the first Eritrean who is openly advocating for Liberal Democracy political philosophy to reign over Eritrea and Eritrean mindset by replacing the most barbaric, totalitarian and inhumane political ideology of PFDJ.

I am also a self-proclaimed Liberal Democrat who is working to inject Liberal democratic values in the Eritrean political landscape and gradually to be the strong foundational guiding principles of Eritrean democratic state.

I came long way to claim Liberal Democracy to be my political guidelines after years of struggle with my mind to liberate from PFDJ imposed mindset. It is no wonder that I started my public political activism by writing a series of three articles that focus on PFDJ political ideology and PFDJites mindset. These articles were published at in the year of 2014 and can be found here:

  1. Rule of the Jungle and a Quest of PFDJ Mindset(Part I)
  2. Rule of the Jungle and a Quest of PFDJ Mindset (Part II)
  3. Rule of the Jungle and my Quest to PFDJ Mindset (Part III)

These articles are produced based on my own experiences under the PFDJ Regime. And from 2014 until 2016, I spent my time and energy figting against PFDJ political thinking through a fearless arguments now documented in Disqus.  Most of the arguments were trying to expose how PFDJ systems works. My argument was centered on demolishing PFDJ as a system.

But there was one missing element, the element that I had no idea but a wish. Many people including myself were asking, “how to demolish it and what tools we have to replace it?” Some people were constantly pushing the strategy that we have to weed-out PFDJ and replace with one that can fulfill our long march to freedom.

I was not in hurry to propose a strategy. My argument was,,’to have an effective strategy we need a strong political ideology otherwise it will be reformation of the system without destroying the ideology.” My reasoning was:

  • Activities/events come from projects
  • Projects come from Programs
  • Programs come from Strategies
  • Strategies come from policies.
  • Strategy comes from plans
  • Plans come from policies
  • Policies come from objectives
  • objectives come from goals
  • Goals come from missions
  • Mission comes from Vision
  • VISION comes from an IDEOLOGY
  • IDEOLOGY comes from a philosophy(political).
  • And Philosophy comes from Human Being.


After framing my thinking in this clear way, I went on contemplating what political philosophy should I comes with so that I can have a clear vision about Eritrea. By doing so, after more than three years of reading and contemplating, I finally met face to face with Liberal Democracy.

Barak Obama has lots of impact to come out with political thinking. And later on, it during the French 2017 Presidential campaign that I came to know what liberal values are through the hard fought campaign of Emmanuel Macron. Readings about French revolution and its 1789 declaration of Human and Citizen Rights and well as the UN 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights have also profoundly shaped my thoughts to center my political thinking on Human Being. 

Now, I am the first Eritrean Liberal Democrat.

To introduce you why I have embraced Liberal Democracy as my political philosophy and why I believe it is the best option we have to liberate Eritrea and Eritreans from the chains of PFDJ Ideology and nationalistic mindset of most Eritreans, I will try to develop it fully in the ndxt to be published articles.

Voice of the self-Proclaimed Liberal Democrat 


Eritrea fueling Ethio-Egyptian Tensions as a means of proxy war with Ethiopia

Awate Staff of has translated and published an interview conducted in Arabic by AlMasri Al Youm with PFDJ(Eritrea) ambassador in Cairo, Fasil Gebreselassie Tekhla.

The interview revealed how far Eritrea is involved between the two countries. It is literally beating drums of war. After categorically describing the Ethiopian Renaissance dam project a “politically motivated one”, he recalled a conversation that was sought to happen between Late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and an Egyptian officer. In his own words,

————————————–Beginning of Quote ————————————————

In 1993, in its first official representation as an independent state, Eritrea attended in one of the African conferences in Cairo, where the then Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi was present. At the time, the relation between the two countries was excellent. And here Zenawi presented an idea: Just like the Arabs sell oil to us, we sell water to all countries. The Eritrean president strongly rejected the proposal, and here, the late General Omar Suleiman, the former head of the General Intelligence responded to him. He said to Zenawi: “And who are you to say that?”

—————————————— End of Quote —————————————————-

The same accusation was brought by Dictator Issaias Afewerki in an interview conducted with ESAT Reporters.

When the Ambassador was asked how he sees the Renaissance dam crisis, he jumped to accuse USA and some Gulf countries[though he didn’t mention, his target was Qatar] collaborative desire to make Egypt thirsty by reducing water supply to the Nile river

In his words, as it is published by Awate staff

————————————–Beginning of Quote ————————————————

Q: How do you see the Renaissance Dam crisis?

Response: Eritrea has officially declared that the construction of the Renaissance Dam has no positive purpose in the interest of the Ethiopian people. The decision to build it is a political decision and not economic. We are not against any development project in any African country, but the dam is not for a developmental purpose.

Q: What is the real purpose behind this “political goal”?

Response: Ethiopia is mainly dependent on economic aid. It is the main African country that receives the most economic assistance from the United States, the European Union, and the World Bank. It is a country that has a “famine” and asks for assistance from the United Nations to feed its people. There are some countries that help it to finance the construction of the dam.

Q: Who are these countries?

Response: Any country that wants to fight Egypt will not resort to a direct military solution. This method no longer exists on the ground, so the last card in that war is to “make Egypt Thirsty.”

Q: Do you mean that Ethiopia wants to “make Egypt Thirsty”?

Response: Not only Ethiopia, but some Western and [Arab] Gulf countries stand behind Ethiopia and support the construction of the Renaissance Dam. Particularly since the area where the Renaissance dam is located is not suitable for agriculture.

——————————————- End of Quote ——————————————

This is a serious allegation that is intended to add fuel for the already growing tensions between Ethiopia and Egypt.

For more details, please read  “Eritrean Ambassador: The USA and Gulf States Want to “Make Egypt Thirsty” at

Some Historical Facts

PFDJ Allies 

PFDJ has never missed an ally that can assist it to stay in power. Its allies are really serving well to the intended purpose. And these allies are insane as they have their own insane interest. 

Eritrea’s main purpose is to keep Ethiopia as a hostage by creating interest group enemies that can be used as direct agents of proxy wars. I am not sure how pragmatic Ethiopia is to change its strategy, but PFDJ approach is very dynamic yet simple.

Since the termination of border war with Ethiopia, Eritrea understood that any additional war can put its sovereignity at risk. Despite the final and binding Algeriers agreement, the two countries could not come into peace terms. As a result, they found themselves in a “No War, No Peace” situation. Since then, Eritrea continued to play a proxy war that diverts Ethiopia’s energy and forces from being directed to  the North border.

Ally I: Al-Shabaab of Somalia

When Ethiopia refused to be abided by the decision of Border Commission, Eritrea’ s first decision was to make an ally with Somalian rebel forces and put Ethiopia into the game of proxy war. It was a perfect strategy that has served well for a while. Since 2006, it has started to coperate with Somalian forces who were fighting to restore peace and order in accordance to Islamic guidelines. When Ethiopia interferred in Somalian Internal Affairs under a cover of an agent of peace keeping force to back up The Transitional Federal Government and protect Somalia from  being ruled by “Islamic Courts Union”, Eritrea worked with Qatar in organizing rebel forces that fight against the Ethiopia backed federal government of Somalia.

This lead to the creation of Alliance for the Re-Liberation of Somalia. The Alliance created could not work together and the division gave birth of Al-Shabaab militant group. Sooner Al-Shabaab was accused as terrorist group by international community. And it was not secret as it has revealed its alignment with Al-Qaeda in consequent years. As a result Eritrea was accused of arming, training and financing this terrorist group. In 2009, United Nation Security Council(UNSC) imposed sanction over Eritrea. Since then, there are always some fresh allegations that is keeping the sanction in place.

Ally II: Qatar

From the very beginning, Qatar’s main interest was to use Eritrea as a path way to  Somalia. As a cover, Qatar started some small investments. And when a border dispute occured between Eritrea and Djibouti(2008), Qatar became the sole guarantee of peace keeping mission in a UN backed peace agreement. To avoid military clashes, Qatar sent about 450 peace keeping soldiers in the disputing border area.

In June 2017, the Gulf Crisis affected Eritrea and Qatar relationship. Eritrea sided with forces lead by Saudi Arabia forcing Eritrea to distance from Qatar. Qatar peace keeping forces withdrew from the disputed border.

During the good insane diplomatic years, Qatar was backing Eritrea for its financial needs spent in a proxy war to back rebel forces in Somalia and Ethiopian opposition forces that were stationing in Eritrean territory. 

When Qatar learned Eritrea stood with Saudi Arabia lead forces, it ended its relationship with Eritrea without notice and discussion. This brought to an end of 12 years Eritrea – Qatar diplomatic relationship. Though, no country has officially declared for any type of diplomatic rupture, early developments showed that these two countries had ended their relationship.

Ally III: Egypt

After the Gulf crisis, Egypt seems to replace Qatar. Egypt’s main interest is Ethiopia’s Dam Construction Project. Egypt does not want this dam to be constructed at all. But the possibility of stopping from being finished as planned seems almost impossible. Instead, what Egypt is doing is that it is creating pressure so that Egypt’s water needs might not be affected.

To put pressure on Ethiopia, Eritrea is needed most. And Eritrea needs Egyptiance presence to divert Ethiopia’s intention that could potentially be directed to the North. To weaken Ethiopia internally, Eritrea needs countries which have interest in Ethiopia for the same mission. Egypt is a perfect choice. As a result, Eritrea is using Egypt as an means of proxy-war with Ethiopia.


Eritrea’s main interest is not a secret. It has nothing to do with Egyptian interest. Eritrea’s main objective is to use Egypt as a proxy war ally. For the last 26 years, Eritrea and Egypt had no any meaningful diplomatic relationships. It was not needed. And I believe it is not needed now too, especially this kind of insane relationship.

If Egypyt is committed for a sustainable peaceful agreement with Ethiopia, and indeed it needs it badly, no other means is productive than creating a strong diplomatic relationship with Ethiopia and other Nile Countries. Eritrea is just fueling any tension that can occur with Ethiopia no matter with which country it is.

Ethiopia seems not to be intimidated by Egypt to hult its more than century objective of constructing dam in the Nile river. It is for Egypt’s advantage if Egypt coperates with Ethiopia technically to avoid serious risk in the future. At the same time, I encourage Egypt to invest in such project so that it can  share its responsibility to make the project successfull for all those who benefit from it.

Peace in the horn of Africa is beneficial to Egypt. Egypt should help the horn of Africa to create a peacefull co-existence. Otherwise, Egyptian people will continue to worry for their daily life. 





UNESCO Recognition of Eritrea’s Italian Fascist’s City as World Heritage Needs Proper Labeling

Eritrea is busy to make its capital city buildings(Asmara) get recognition worldwide as a world heritage. What makes a shame is when UNESCO is involved in this disgraceful project by cooperating with a government that is committing crimes against humanity. UNESCO could not be naïve to involve itself in this project unless history is revised to please crimes and ignore the victims.

Asmara and beauty

During the Italian colonization, Asmara was built to be the home of Italians. Segregation based on color and apartheid-like system of governance was introduced to prevent indigenous people to live and walk freely in the city center. Native people were punished like criminals if they are found in the strictly prohibited areas.



This prohibited city center was built to serve Italians in modern architectural buildings and facilities. Without a doubt, Asmara was built like no other city in Africa. It was called “Small Rome” just to show how beautiful that city was during the Italian period. It was believed around 75,000 Italians were living in this capital city. But none belongs to the native people.

Asmara as a strategic city for Italian-Abyssinian War Preparation 

Though Italians started to construct Eritrea right after their landing, modernization was accelerated with the coming of Benito Mussolini in power as head of the then powerful political party, National Fascist Party (1922) and then during the preparation for Ethio-Italian war. During his period, especially in 1936-38 war, Eritrea was the strongest Northern front used by Italians for its logistic and manpower supply. Italians used Asmara as their base.


During that wartime, Mussolini invested huge capital in Asmara. Modern industries were installed, stunning buildings were erected to be used as residential and commercial housing for Italians who were engaging actively in the war. Italian nationalism sentiments are manifested in every corner of the city.

Asmara and Fascism

Though Asmara was built to be a modern city, it was a product of fascist regime expansionist agenda. Mussolini did not build Asmara to be home for everyone but for his fascist soldiers that were planning to invade Ethiopia. Therefore, Asmara owes its stunning modernist architecture to a dark past of oppression and subjugation by Italian colonial powers.

Benito Mussolini and Isaias Afewerki

If there is any parallelism between Mussolini’s and Issaias Afewerki’s governance, it is their absolute dictatorship and totalitarian government. Both are warmongers. They terrorize people by the name of the country. They both strive on a personality cult.


They both are known to kill, torture and imprison their opponents. Once a Mussolini’s center of Prison, Nakura is now used in the same fashion by dictator Issaias. During the Italian period, around 900 Italians were believed to be eliminated. Most Of Them Were Killed. Hanged. executed or died of illness in Nakura.


Nakura Prison center during Italian colonization

Isaias Afewerki and his plea for Mussolini’s city recognition

If there is any country that works to register colonial footprints as a prestigious world heritage, it is Eritrea. After failing to modernize Eritrea, Isaias Afewerki is beginning UNESCO to give recognition a city constructed by fascists as a unique legacy. It is shame to see this failed leader popularize his failed state get recognition from the ashes. So much has been disseminated via the ministry of tourism, the ministry of information and PFDJ cultural branch so that Asmara can be a destiny of tourists.

It is like advertising the old railway service and trains introduced by Italians just for the sake of tourist attraction.


Rehabilitated trains in Eritrea, old and unsafe – but so much advertising

Asmara is not City of Dreams but City of Fascists

Eritrean Ambassador in France, Hana Simon, was engaged in an extensive campaign and lobbying activities in the UNESCO office found in Paris so that Asmara can be registered as a candidate for a UNESCO world heritage. As a theme, the Ambassador has chosen a theme, “Asmara, the City of Dreams”. This theme is a betrayal of Eritrean history.

How come a city built by fascists be called “City of Dreams”This city was once a symbol of racism. Native people were prohibited from visiting downtown simply because they were not white. The city was built to fulfill the expansionist dreams of Fascist Mussolini and colonize Ethiopia. Eritreans were colonized by Italians who settled in the city built by Italians themselves to fulfill their dreams. If Eritreans ever participated, it was in the labour force. They were ill-treated. Once the city was constructed, it became a forbidden city to enter.

How come then, Hana Simon, the disgraced Ambassador gives such a theme? This is shameful act and betrayal of Eritrean history.

UNESCO: Why it is involving in the recognition of Fascist City? 

UNESCO has so many good reputations. But now, when it comes to Eritrea, it is committing a historical mistake. Asmara has a dark history of fascism. It is a symbol of expansion, colonization and non-native settlements.


Staff members of Eritrean Embassy in France during dinner for their work achievement(source:

Beautiful buildings do not mean they constitute beautiful history. Asmara was once a forbidden city, a city of racism, a city of segregation and a city of oppression. UNESCO should see beyond the architectural beauty. So much untold and horrifying history exists in each and every corner.

If UNESCO is for any good, it must recognize Asmara as a city of Fascists.  If there were any dreams about the city, they were divided into two: (1) – Italian expansion and (2) Eritrean’s wish to live peacefully without discrimination. if Hana Simon was talking about these dreams, well, she might have a valid reason. Otherwise, Asmara is nothing but a dark side of African history during the colonial period.

What makes paradox for such kind of work is that Mussolini was a brutal dictator so is the current Eritrean president, Isaias Afewerki.  If Mussolini built Asmara so that his expansionist dreams to come true, Isaias is equally destroying this once modern history so that no Eritrean can live peacefully there.


Asmara is a legacy of fascism. There is nothing to be proud from except remembering the past history. Unfortunately, today Asmara is ruining by PFDJ regime simply because Eritreans are not welcomed to live peacefully in this city. Therefore, UNESCO should recognize this city as a “city that never welcomes its own people”. There is nothing to be proud of fascism and totalitarianism. If UNESCO recognizes this city as a world heritage, the reason should be based on the dark side of oppression. Otherwise, having beautiful buildings does not mean beautiful. We need to see behind the walls not in front of the walls to see the reality that is buried within it.



Insane visit of PFDJ Officials to Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan as source of military equipments

On June 29, 2017, reported that a senior Eritrean delegation comprising Foreign Minister Osman Saleh, Presidential Advisor Mr. Yemane Gebreab and Ambassador Petros Tsegai are on a working visit to Kazakhstan. It is not a surprise if the only existing mouth of the totalitarian regime reported the news as a diplomatic visit by hiding the secret deal behind it. However, one sentence between the 99 words news report has every clue we can predict on. The sentence reads:

“They also reached to understanding on the priority areas of cooperation in the sectors of trade, investment mining as well as agriculture and transportation.”

one may wonder then what type of trade agreement could have been reached. It is is not that difficult to synthesize and reach a conclusion that the sole purpose of such trade agreement is basically on “military equipment.” Eritrea has a severe sanction on importing military types of equipment.

Since the border crisis of 1998-2000, Eritrea is suffering for getting a reliable source of military equipment that goes with its poor economic status. Russia, Ukraine, Iran and China were the principal sources. However, because of Eritrea’s immature diplomacy and its exposure to world scrutiny, no country is willing to give a sustainable market for its demand.

When Russia and Ukraine went into political crisis, and Crimea decided to separate from Ukraine, a high-level Eritrean delegation headed by Foreign Minister Osman Saleh and including Mr. Yemane Gebreab visited Crimea and gave an official recognition for its separation. Ukraine condemned Eritrea’s visit. All these were done to please Russia. Russia and North Korea were by then the only source of military equipment to Eritrea. Because of Russia’s interference on extended war zones and huge market opportunity for military equipment, and Eritrea’s accusation by the USA on its military deal with North Korea, and China’s shift in its global strategy, Eritrea got itself in a limbo. Exploring new source of military equipment is a must to be looked for.

With the No-war-No-peace situation with Ethiopia, constant alert of conflicts along the Red Sea basin, The Gulf crisis, potential conflicts within Sudan and South Sudan, and now the renewed border crisis with Djibouti, all obliges Eritrea to equip itself with military equipment stocks.

Within scenario and the already existing sanction, open markets are not favored by Eritrea. Instead, least known countries like Kazakhstan is a good opportunity for Eritrea to make trade agreements that can supply its military equipment deficit.

Kazakhstan, a former USSR member, has a modest technology of producing military equipment. It is also a strategic marketplace for the Far East countries juncture of trades. Russia, China, North Korea and all other countries that are actively producing military equipment can land Kazakhstan to trade their materials.

Some facts about Kazakhstan

A. During the Soviet Era (Source: click here)

  1. Before the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan was the most significant site of military-industrial activity in Central Asia. The Republic was home to roughly 3 percent of Soviet defense facilities, including more than fifty enterprises and 75,000 workers, located mostly in the predominantly Russian northern parts of the country.
  2. A plant in Öskemen fabricated beryllium and nuclear reactor fuel and another at Aqtau produced uranium ore. Plants in Oral manufactured heavy machine guns for tanks and antiship missiles. In Petropavl, one plant produced SS-21 short-range ballistic missiles, and other plants manufactured torpedoes and naval communications equipment, support equipment for intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), tactical missile launcher equipment, artillery, and armored vehicles. There was a torpedo-producing facility in Almaty as well. Chemical and biological weapons were produced in Aksu, and chemical weapons were manufactured in Pavlodar.

Though Kazakstan suffers from the inadequate budget on its military expenses, it is continuing its traditional military partnership with Russia. For example, the Second International Exhibition of Weapons System and Military Equipment (KADEX-2012) held in 2012 in Kazakhstan shows its military equipment production potential and its active engagement in the provision of such products to the world market.  In the 4th international exhibition of the year 2016, an agreement reached between Jordan and Kazakhstan is the best example to see how serious is this country in this trade.

Those above trends show that 2017 Eritrea’s delegate visit to Kazakhstan is nothing but an agreement of army equipment.

Eritrea has chosen war over peace with its neighboring countries. The existing border conflict with Djibouti needs a peaceful negotiation to settle the border dispute. The building of military forces will help neither Eritrea not Djibouti. The withdrawal of Qatar should not be a reason to stop peace agreements. Rather another force, preferably African Union(AU) should replace the role of Qatar so that the conflict to end as soon as possible.

Eritrea will continue to create havoc in the horn of Africa; What other countries should learn is that Eritrea loses nothing as it is already a failed state. What those other countries should refrain from is that getting under the trap of Eritrea’s warmongering mindset is not a solution but a disaster for their own peace and security. Therefore, a careful method of containing Eritrea should be followed to avoid further conflict.

Those countries which are supplying Eritrea military equipments should also know that Eritrea is not using it’s for its own security but to disturb the peaceful existence of the horn of Africa. They should, therefore, abstain themselves from making any military equipment trade agreements. Otherwise, they are selling arms to a terrorist regime.

Kazakhstan as non-permanent member of UNSC

Eritrea is under UN sanction since 2011. So far, no hope exists on lifting this sanction. however, Eritrea never stopped from looking countries within the UNSC that can sympathize so that this sanction can be uplifted.

As Kazakhstan is a non-permanent member of UNSC, Eritrea hopes Kazakhstan to cooperate in lifting the sanction. Though it is impossible, if Eritrea continues to engage in trade activities, there could be possibilities of showing some interest in the Eritrean matters.

Additional read:

  1. US places Eritrea under fresh sanctions for military deal with North Korea
  2. Eritrean Delegation Visited Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Crimea

Diplomatic Hypocrisy of Eritrean Government’s Decision against Qatar

  1. The Past

Eritrea and Qatar Gambling Years: Mid 2000 – 06/2017

To Eritreans, Qatar might not be considered as an honest country when it comes to its diplomatic relationship with Eritrea for the last two decades. At the same time, it is not secret to know Qatar’s generous resourceful pocket channel to the hands of Eritrea’s brutal dictatorial regime.  Without a doubt, this huge financial aid must have contributed immensely to sustain the oppressive power of the government despite political crisis, self-inflicted diplomatic isolation, continuous border conflicts with neighbouring countries and UN sanctions.

Qatar landed Eritrea in early 2000’s to exploit Eritrea’s strategic location in the Red Sea and use it as a possible access line to Somalia. With the help of Qatar, Somalia succeeded to establish Islamic courts. In 2006, Ethiopia invaded Somalia for its own security reasons which has later severed its diplomacy with Qatar. A border dispute between Eritrea and Djibouti happened in 2008. In 2009, Eritrea was accused by UN in relation to Al-Shabab links. These developments opened the gate to Qatar’s presence in the Horn of Africa at the expense of Eritrean sovereignty.

Since 2008, Qatar played a major role to backup Eritrea’s aggressive and wild military endeavour by pretending as a mediator and guarantor of peace talks between Eritrea and Djibouti in the border conflict that was erupted between the two aforementioned countries. At sometimes, it acted as a main diplomatic supporter to Eritrean government when Eritrea was accused of systematic and widespread amounted to crimes against humanity. When UN sanctioned Eritrea for its role to destabilize the Horn of Africa and its acts against Djibouti, Qatar has covered Eritrea’s government by creating a camouflaged mediation and peaceful resolution role. The relationship between Eritrea and Qatar heightened when Qatar cut its diplomacy with Ethiopia in 2008.

Qatar’s Aggressive Relationship

While maintaining its presence in the economically disadvantaged and unstable country, Qatar started to exploit Eritrea’s human resources and unexplored islands. One: it started to import skilled workers from Eritrea to work in diverse economic activities under a very strict contract between two governments. Two: in 2007, it started to build a lavish resort centre in the Dahlak Island. Three: it helped Eritrea to have Airline flights access via Doha under the flagship of Qatar Airlines. Fourth: Qatar became a mediator in the peace talks between Eritrea and Djibouti. Fifth, before Eritrea, was accused of its involvement in Somalia and its aid to Al-Shabab, Qatar used Eritrea as a gate to supply logistics to Al-Shabab and other actors which were fighting in Somalia.


2. The Present

Eritrea and Qatar’s Crisis: 12 – 13/06/2017 

There were no prior indications to predict what led Eritrea to decide against Qatar after all those 17 years of very close friendship to side in favour of Saudi Arabia coalition forces. With the end of Somali crisis, though Eritrea denied its involvement in the Yemeni crisis,  joined its dirty hand in the Yemen crisis by officially supporting Saudi Arabia, UAE and other countries involvement in Yemen by providing sea port and air flight zones. UAE leased port access near Assab and renovated old Military airbase near Assab to use it for its military operation in Yemen.

Without closing the chapter of Yemen crisis, the Middle East has also witnessed another political and diplomatic crisis that is isolating Qatar from its historical friendly countries. The Saudi lead group(The Gulf countries and Egypt). These countries cut their diplomatic ties with Qatar and imposed land, sea and air blockade. To add fuel to the already burning political turmoil, Eritrea supported the decision taken by these countries against Qatar. On June 12, 2017, the only existing Government of Eritrea official website published the government’s position. It  states:

“The decision that Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have taken is not confined to Qatar alone – as the potential of Qatar is very limited. It is one initiative among many in the right direction that envisage full realization of regional security and stability. As such, it is not a matter that requires invitation of the Eritrean Government or solicitation of its vote. For the GOE, this is a timely issue that warrants its active support.”

Ministry of Information – Press Release

Diplomatic Hypocrisy

Since 1995, Eritrea has played its major role in destabilising the Horn of Africa. Its conflict with Sudan(1994-1995), Yemen (1995), Ethiopia(1998-2000), Djibouti (2008), its involvement in the Somali,  Sudan and Yemen civil-war, as well as in destabilising Ethiopia’s internal security are indications on how much The ruling party of Eritrea is in a worrying mission. However, nothing has exposed its hypocritic mission in its recent more than Eritrea’s move across the Red Sea in order to find resourceful allies.

With increased pressure, both internally and externally, the government of Eritrea is forced to seek other surrogates other than Qatar to sustain its power. The tension created between Iran and Saudi Arabia is a fertile land to manipulate the situation at hand so that a nearby resourceful country can be friended to feed empty pockets of PFDJ. This game is played seriously after Gadaffi’s fall in Libya.

Qatar was a gift to Eritrea. As Eritrea could not sustain a “No war – No peace” situation with its neighbouring Ethiopia, it has to create a proxy frontier so that the tension can be diluted in between. It is within this strategic manipulation that Qatar and Eritrea became allies. In fact, it was not an innocent one.  It was simply diplomatic hypocrisy.

UAEAs the issue of Somalia became in favour of Ethiopia and the world community condemned Al-Shabab, the two countries had to confine themselves into a pseudo-diplomatic tie. With the birth of Yemeni crisis, Eritrea joined the coalition led by Saudi Arabia. This Sunni-dominated country had to ridicule itself with the Shiite-dominated Iran. Eritrea is participating in the war by leasing port to UAE.  for 30 or more years. UAE started to build new military base near Assab in 2015. 


Saudi Arabia’s King Salman hosted Eritrea’s President Isaias Afwerki on April 28, 2015 (credit: Saudi Press Agency)

Parallel to this, Eritrea strengthened its diplomatic relationship with Egypt. Egypt is using Eritrea to put pressure on Ethiopia so that its dam project can be terminated. Ethiopia has accused Egypt of its move to build a military base in Eritrea.

These developments strengthened the link between Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt with Eritrea. Once Saudi broke its diplomacy with Qatar, Eritrea had no other option than taking side with Saudi. This sudden diplomatic manoeuvre left Qatar in a disarray. The time Eritrea took its decision, Qatar did not take time to denounce Eritrea.

14/06/2017: Eritrea – Qatar Serious Diplomatic Developments

On 14/06/2017, Qatar has reacted seriously to Eritrea’s decision by withdrawing its peace-keeping forces from the disputed land of Eri-Djibouti. This decision might escalate tension between these two conflicting countries leading to serious consequences. Qatar might have a reason to withdraw, however, it is playing an international role as a trusted mediator and peace-keeping force between. Qatar could alert the world community before it withdrew. The world could have intervened to avoid the creation of such vacuum.

After withdrawal, Djibouti accused Eritrea of moving its military force to occupy the evacuated disputing place. In response, on 15/06/2017 an official letter from the government of Djibouti is sent to African Union(AU).

Read: Djibouti ‘on alert’ as Eritrea occupies disputed territory ‘abandoned’ by Qatar

With the withdrawal of Qatar peace-keeping forces, Eritrea was accused of occupying the disputed land between the two countries. In response, the African Union called for ease of tensions and restrain from military actions.

3. The Future

It is not easy to predict what will bear these serious developments. Both Eritrea and Djibouti may not be interested in going into war. However, the complexity within the region can lead to unknown certainty. Djibouti and Eritrea are in the same coalition with the Saudi lead forces that is fighting in Yemen. This might have the advantage to ease tension as it is not for the advantage of Saudi Arabia and UAE. In addition, Egypt can take the place of Qatar and use it’s diplomatic tights with both countries to solve the crisis.

However, the case Ethiopia remains at stake. Egypt’s presence in the Horn is aimed to target Ethiopia’s Dam project. Considering Ethiopia’s strong economic bond with Djibouti, Egypt’s role can be complex enough to bring a lasting solution.

What can be good at this moment is Eritrea’s weakness. It is hard to imagine Eritrea to get into a war with any country at this time. If it does, the horn of Africa will be in a mess.


The Eritrean government is now known for its political gambling. What it does is not for the good of the country but to ease its pressure from its assumed enemies. The proxy war type diplomatic gambling is weakening its capacity to concentrate on its domestic issue. Not only this, instead of relying on international orders, Eritrea is trying to prolong its dispute in an indirect way. This is putting the country at a very complex diplomatic stand across the world.

The people of Eritrea has no say for whatever decision is taken by the government. Governments like Qatar may take revenge seriously that can have a direct impact to the ordinary people. For this, Qatar should separate the people of Eritrea from the government. So far, Qatar was guilty by cooperating with the government of Eritrea. Eritrean people have counted on them.

Now, the people needs support fo Qatar so that justice can prevail. The people of Eritrea might not be happy with the action taken by Qatar to pull its peace-keeping force. That is ok. What Eritreans are looking now is that Any Eritrean who lives in Qatar, be it in a skilled work contract base or other businesses, Qatar should give them a full grant so that Eritreans can work freely. Such moves can help Eritrean people to reconcile with Qatar government so that its past actions against the people to be forgiven.






The President of Peace and Prosperity: President Macron

There were many peace messengers who came to this earth planet in different times. Many of them were spiritual leaders and few politicians. Mandella and Ghandi were few among those who changed our political thinking on peace and stability. Obama was also unique messenger with his hope message and ability to change our planet earth.

During Obama’s president, the world overcame the economic crisis and managed to survive in triumph despite terrorism and increasing radicalization. Obama left a better world. His leading role in the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015(COP21) is a remarkable achievement of 21thC.

But politics changes with leadership. Due to constant conflicts and unstable political situation added to that constant drought and climate change, immigration increased and  countries started to be more protective aginst those who knock their doors for shelter. Hate against those newcomers became a norm. The reaction produced became a centre of political turmoil.

Nationalists and Populism started to became new faces of a xenophobic political model. And politicians started to exploit fear of economic instability and assumed power with zero programme to improve people’s life.

UK left EU under the banner of BREXIT and USA elected a populist president who stands against immigrants and international agreements. Worse, on June 1, 2017, the President of the United States, President Donald Trump declared that he will withdraw from COP21. This declaration is the worst decision ever done by world leaders since the formation of United Nations.

Through Trump’s declaration, USA has declared war on our planet. It is a war over future generations. If USA was guilt of its nuclear actions over Japan, this is a genocide over humanity. No worse decision can be done by the modern leader. Trump has proved his arrogance on humanity. He cared more on business interest than human interest.

But there are also messengers of good when there are messengers of evil. It is the law of nature to have good and bad at the same time. The time Trump declared war on our Earth planet, another world leader named President Emmanuel Macron of France declared the message of peace and prosperity.

The message delivered by President Macron is a beacon of peace and sustainable development of the world. His ascent to power has pushed back populists and xenophobia politicians back to their chamber. It opened a new hope to the liberal world. It opened a new path to new ideas that correspond to 21thC.

His call to make our planet great again will encourage scientists to flock to Paris and contribute their scientific findings to shape our future planet. France and EU as a whole with a leading role of Germany technology will play a paramount role. China is the major country to be benefitted from COP21. And there is no doubt that China to become the leading superpower for the coming centuries.

France is always the centre of political dynamism and house of world revolutions. Macron has double proved this trend and Paris will again play its central role as a world capital city.

Personally, I supported President Macron. I found him to be the person I dreamt to be the leader. So far he proved my confidence on him and I have no doubt he will continue to be. France has renewed its old mentality. Today France is a young country.

By choosing Macron, French people have proved that justice is born in France. Macron is a messenger of peace and prosperity. No one at this time has ever given the Planet hope of the the future than him.

Success to President Macron