I am Tesfabirhan Weldegabir REDIE (M.Sc), an Agricultural Engineer specialized in Local and Traditional Food Products(Produit de Terroir). More than my professional background I am a humanist Liberal Democrat. I am born to hear my inner conscience. For this, I defend for Human Rights and I am a political activist for the cause of Eritrean suffering against totalitarian regime of PFDJ.

I write my opinions here on this blog. The blog is meant to fight for people’s freedom and rights. I stood for this noble mission after witnessing people’s suffering. I lived and studied under a dictatorial regime without knowing what freedom is. Life was perceived as normal without being conscious. The time I fully realized what freedom in its actual term is when I migrated to Europe for my Masters’ study. Since then I learned that I was living in darkness.

The world became so open and vast like an ocean to me. At the same time, I learned that freedom is not given. Influenced by French Revolution and philosophy of liberty within the political concept of modern (American) Liberal Democracy, I started to voice my voices. As I became more aware of the strength of my voice, I decided to be the voice of the voiceless Eritrean people. Hence, “VOICE OF THE VOICELESS”.

Often, I find the world we live in seems chaotic. It is frustrating and challenging to join in. It demands life energy.

My engineering background has helped me to see Eritrean problem in clarity. And engineering field helped to believe every problem has a solution. Henceforth, I am confident that from a chaotic world, there is a way to reach a peaceful and silent world.

My objective is to come out successfully from this chaotic world, where there will be peace and freedom.

My strategy is very simple: I share what I have as I believe sharing is a natural law. To share what I have, all of my world experiences are helping me to enlighten my inner soul, the soul that I talk with in search of the truth. I know the truth is non-searchable but I am doing for one purpose. And this purpose is my vision to see a country that respects its own citizens.

What you read here is a reflection of my life discourses– what I see, hear, observe, analyze, foresee and hope. Nothing more, nothing less.

How I do it? Let me quote[emphasis is mine] from an Indian activist who shares his wisdom on attaining freedom.



Provide education, allow research and give access to information and allow societies to use this information. Through this awareness increases and awareness gives consciousness.


A conscious mind is ready to be agitated. Agitation is not the physical act, shouting or barking in the streets but to revolutionize the mind to take action on what is right. Agitation is work of the mind to reject what is not right.An educated society is able to agitate the mind.


An educated and agitated mind is not difficult to get organized for the common mission. There are knowledge, information, awareness, consciousness and a mind which is well agitated to take action. Then after is only easy to organize a victimized society for a fruitful goal.

Educate, Agitate and Organize! Dr. Ambedkar


To see my world, enjoy my Politics in its 3D form: Human Rights, Politics, and Life Sciences.

I appreciate your drop of words.

Thank you

M.Sc, in Development of Local and Traditional Food Products

B. Sc in Agricultural Engineering


Human Rights Defender and Political Activist – Eritrea

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  1. I read your article on PFDJ, Prof Iqbal Jazbhay and the South African Communist Party. Very interesting. Please contact me. We need more information on Iqbal Jazbhay and his tenure as South Africa’s Ambassador to Eritrea. You assistance is much appreciated.
    Ibrahim Vawda.


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