Why Shabia assassinated Petros Yohannes Adgoi?

Petros was one of the co-founding members of Eritrean Students in North American Association. Not only a co-founding, he was also a co-Auditor od the then famous Journal Tihisha ( http://www.ehrea.org/dehab2.php) along with Temesghen Haile. He and other students of his time from Addis Ababa University were influenced by Revolutionary International ideology.

Although Petros and other Eritrean students were working with Ethiopians to remove the feudal system in Ethiopia, the Ethiopians were showing their supermacy tendency when it comes in the Eritrean question for self-determination. Furious about this mindset, Petros stood by his own to defend the Eritrean cause and wrote a book to defend Eritrean right for self-determination by denouncing the supermacist tendency of the Ethiopians, aka Ethiopian Chauvunists. In several notes, I read that Petros was a fearless debator, speaker and writer.

In 1976/7 Petros was called to join the revolution in Sahel and serve as a Political Commissioner. Yemane Monkey and Girma Asmeron were those who went with him. It is said that these two people had issues with him.

Soon, he was reported dead. There are many conspiracies about his death. Yemane Teklegergish wrote some reveleations about the sectretive death of Petros. Yemane believes that Petros was assassinated by Issaias and his inner circle groups like Girma Asmeron.

I have also read information that says Ambassador Andebrhan Weldegiorgis and Petros were rivals. I hope I will get more additional information on this particular case.

There is no,doubt that Petros Yohannes is one of the giant revolutionaries who helped the Eritrean Struggle for independence to take its shape. His death will still continue to be a misterious and the search will continue.

Petros Yohannes is originally from Awraja Senhit, from a small village called Shieb-Seleba.

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