03 Octobre: RememberinG Lampedusa Tragedy

Yohanna gave birth while she was drowning. & the divers found her with her new born child attached with the amblical cord. None of them survived.

Yohanna (22 years old) and her child were among the 359+ Eritreans who lost their life on 03/10/2013 in the offshores of Lampedusa.

The boat burnt and the people died.

Worse, these innocent Eritreans were called “Illegal Immigrants” by the ruling regime which is controlling Eritrea through the only and only TV channel Eritrea has. Eritreans inside Eritrea heard this news as if it is alien incident.

But, it sent a shock wave among Eritreans and thousands of Eritreans mobilized themselves to tell the world what happened exactly and who the vistims are. The world realized who are the victims but the Eritrean regime gave a deaf ear.

For me, it was a blow.

It is this tragedy that pushed all my energy and conscience to fight against the PFDJ regime. At that time, I was in the first semester of my Masters Degree study, here in France. Once I read this news, I was shocked. I remember the day feeling bad and angry.

No photo description available.
No photo description available.

Sibce then, it is 6 years full-time for me fighting against the regime non-stop. And, I promised myself never to stop until the remaining bodies returns back to Eritrea and buried in the home country. The time this happens, I will consider ALL victimes of immigration have got justice and humanity is restored.

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Lampedusa is not a simple place for Eritreans – it is a graveyard, it is a place where humanity was absent. It is a place where Italians surfaced their cruility against immigrants. Worse, it is a place where the world community have forgotten to mention this incident as a disaster to Refugee Protection conventions. In short, it is a day where inhumane became a norm.

Eritrean families will never forget this tragedy. It is the symbol of our sufferings, exodus, death and hope.

No photo description available.

Tesfabirhan Weldegabir REDIE
Eritrean liberal democrat
Eritrean Institute for Liberal Democracy

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