Race for the Modern Conquest of the Horn of Africa – Rome and Turkey

I am not conspiring rather I am witnessing history to repeat itself. Rome(the Catholic Church) and Turkey(the modern Caliphate State leader) seem to conduct a race to re-conquer the horn of Africa. To some, it is re-Romanization, for others, its re-Caliphatization. For the people of the Horn of Africa, it is re-colonization.

But, the era we live in will not allow modern colonization possible, at least the wider public atmosphere.

In fact, I do not think 21stC is 16thC but the race looks the same. This race is running by the same old powers. These powers claim themselves as leaders of the spiritual world though they have never been. They are better to be labeled as agents of colonization and destruction.

My call,

Ethiopians should wake-up, so are Eritreans.

1. The modern Ethiopian Catholic Church leaders, in the 16thC – the Jesuits.

2. The modern Catholic Pope – I think he wants his influence in Ethiopia to be strong as he is already in UAE and Egypt. #Modern_Roman_Empire.

3. Paul III – Pope of the Roman Catholic Church from 1534 – 1549. Paul III was messing in the horn of African Politics and Portugal was the main actor.


And on the other hand,

Turkey is working to advance its Caliphate vision. The Eritrean Ulema are now officially stationed in Turkey.

Turkey has a strong presence in Ethiopia, especially Tigray region. It has invested billions of dollars. And, it is expanding its religious(Islam)missionary activities.

The people of the horn of Africa,

Let us wake-up before it is too late. What is happening right now is exactly what it happened repeatedly in the horn of Africa. History is proving it but we are remaining ignorant of our own history.

The horn of Africa is falling in the hands of the ancient evil actors – Rome and Turkey. Let us define our own destiny. And, the foreign actors need to be stopped before they extended their foundation so deep.


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