Eritrea is not the land of Mythologists. It is the land of brave people and heroism. But, our religion is full of mystical views. and, indeed religion is basically born from mystical worldview.

The problem comes when this mystical worldview is tried to change it into a reality. It is different. Eritrea is full of mystics. It is the land of secrecy. But the people are not mystical. They are real, brave and determined people. This is a proved fact.

But now, there are people who are trying to make Eritrea the land of Mystic people by manipulating the mind. I feel ashamed of this political intoxication.

Let us come to the real world and fight for human rights and democracy. Eritrean people are dying.

#Beyan_Negash from, wrote,

Orally passed mythologies and legends abound in the realms of prophet proportions as aided and abetted by lack of rigorously researched material being availed up until the publication of “Menyom Eritrawyan Jebrti” earlier this year. Dr. Mustafa (2015) put the Eritrean Jebertis out of the myth into the realms of historical and cultural map, one that’s backed by over 150 scholarly references.

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