In Defense of Martin Plaut Rights

This facebook presentation was done in defense of an English journalist who was assaulted by the Eritrean regime gang group in the heart of London(UK) simply because he writes about Eritrea and Eritreans of suffering.

Martin Plaut is a British citizen who is a professional journalist and writer and works for BBC since 1984. He is interested in the horn of Africa and South Africa with a special focus on the quest for freedom, human rights, and democracy. 

On Nov. 30, 2018, he was attacked by an Eritrean who works with the regime in Asmara. For this, I expressed my solidarity with Martin Plaut and condemned the aggressive attack. 

For more, please follow the presentation in Tigrigna

Part I

Part II

To know more about Martin Plaut and his works, please visit his personal blog

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