East Africa: From Marxism to Pseudo-Liberalism

The New East Africa seems to move out from Marxism to embrace a vague democratic recovery lead by pseudo liberalism ideology. This is somehow a transition from the failed godless state bureaucracy to a God/god fearing government. To accomplish this, the USA invented spiritual movement is playing a great in controlling the mind of the people by replacing those already existing orthodoxy religions that were killing each other for the last 1400 years or so.

The new spiritual movementism, commonly called Pentecostalism in Christianity, or Sufism in Islam, Judiasm in Jewish religion, Yoga in Buddhism, etc. is compatible with pseudo-liberal ideas and democratix governance systems. Therefore, it is better to update the decaying mindset with a NEW but OLD methodology to control the people’s mind so easily. To accomplish this, Pentecostalism was the perfect tool.

Since its invention, Pentecostalists were prophesizing the END OF TIMES and coming of Jesus. This biblical prophesy is indirectly supported by some Muslim scholars, especially the Sufists and modetate Muslim brotherhood liberals to acknowledge the coming of Jesus and unity of Abrahamic religions. For this, all eyes were looking for the new year 2000 to be the end of the world. In fact it is the end of the world though not in its literal meaning.

The first sign of the end of the old world was the bombing of the New York twin towers in USA.Since 9/11, the world was going dramatic changes to accelerate the New World Order. Because of unfinished tasks, the creation od Jews State(Israel), there were some delays. The war that lead to the victory of Israel were not complete and there were some new financial adjustments that had to be done.

Thanks to the world economic crisis of 2008 and the killing of Osama Bin Laden, the fall of Gadafi, and rise of ISIS, al-Shabab in Somalia and Boko Haram in Nigeria, war in Yemen and Syria, etc, the movers and shakers of the world achieved great success to end the old world order and inter the New one.

East Africa conducted great military acheivement by applying Marxism revolutionary ideologies although they failed to transcend it to government systems. Somali was the best example of failures. Eritrea has lost its revolutionary ideologysince its independence in favor of One-Man party, the PFDJ.

Thanks to the late Meles Zenawi, he is the only marxist in East Africa who systematically applied revolutionary democracy for governance without betraying the core principles of Marxism/Leninism as a his political guidance. Ethiopia was successful to transform iself within 27 years of TPLF controlled central and highly bureaucratic government into a formidable country of immense economic development potentials.

Now, the end of old times and beginning of new era seems about to start in East Africa. But, what I see as key indicators for this new era seems suicide. One of this is the New East African order which is in place for implementation.

East African leaders should learn from their 2000 years history. Religion was at the center of all these chaos that dvastated the ancient civilization and which has divided the people of the Horn of Africa so deeply that we are now in a stage where unity is a rare commodity. Worse, the new Prime Minister seems confused in the separation of state and religion.

So far, the New African Order is progressing in the right direction although there are some challenges from small countries like Djibouti and the distant countries like Tanzania. Dr. Abiy AHMED , Dictator Isaias and Somalian President Farmago have come together to show their committement for the New East African Order. And, there are some positive developments with South Sudan and Kenya. Sudan is not part of the order, therefore it is not playing any role in the changes that is going on in East Africa. Because the New East African order is strictly for those countries which have direct gate to Indian Ocean and able to influence the trade routes through the Red Sea.

And, it is not only about Dr. Abiy AHMED, the ultra-revolutionary political organizations of the East of Africa, PFDJ and TPLF have betrayed their basic secular principles to embrace religion. In brief,

1. Dr. Debretsion

Unlike the GREAT Revolutionary Meles Zenawi, Dr. Debretsion betrayed Leninism and the ideology of Revolutionary Democracy poinered by Meles Zenawi and he seems to join AGAZIANISM, the rivaval of Axum civilization and Greater Tigray.

2. Dictator Isaias Afewerqi

Isaias Afewerqi betrayed for Maoism and his own corrupted version of Social Justice ideology. He seems to join monarchism, kingdom of the royal family.

3. Dr. Abiy AHMED

The grand winner and the new pseudo-Liberalist, Dr. Abiy AHMED, who seems to experiment Pentecostalism in East Africa, is at the highest throne to represent the throne of ONE ETHIOPIA as ordered ubder the new map of East Africa.

Dr. Abiy AHMED is believed to be the God(?) sent new Neo-Liberalist leader. His ideology is not clear but it seems he is urdent follower of Pentecostalism, a new spiritual movement that preaches the biblical prophesy of end of times and return of Jesus the lord, in short, the New World Order.

Although he seems to embrace liberal democracy, he is in confusion between democratic governance system and monachism. And, I do not think Dr. Abiy AHMED will be the ideal person to lead the New East African Order. He will be just a useful pseudo-liberalist that could help Ethiopian transition from revolutionary democracy to liberal democracy through the help of the hidden hands of powerful forces.

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