Why are Habesha’s divorce rates much higher in the diaspora than back home?

this was a collection of facebook discussion done about a topic posted on May 10, 2013. I am posting it here in my blog to be archived for further readings.


Why are Habesha’s divorce rates much higher in the diaspora than back home? I was in an utter shock when I first came here; hearing almost every couple I know are divorced or about to divorce. Some answers I found after asking people to why the reason for this is:

  1. Money arguments between couples
  2. Lack of patience especially by the wives
  3. The fact that Habesha women work, earn money, and are independent in leading their own lives
  4. Women know their rights and available options
  5. A lot less social pressure of being stigmatized as “Hayam”
  6. Many “hadars” here are “nay cheneqew”- not easy to find the right person of your choice when you live dispersed in the Diaspora.
  7. And finally the elderly would say “qal-kidan Hasiru” or “fori godilu”
What are your thoughts on this? Which one do you think is the biggest reason creating this problem?

Responses of HA Members
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