My Letter in the Case of Esseyas Teklebrahan Incidence of 2015


I am calling some emotionally drived individuals who are threating openly individuals like Elsa Chrum. I am following the on-going word exchange and outraged hatred based accusations.

My call is, if ESMNS is fighting for justice, and it stands against the PFDJ system, there is no rational reason to follow injustice and PFDJ way of threatening people. If Elsa Chrum did something wrong, let you open a file and charge her. She is living in the world where there is justice and any concerned group or individual can suit a case.

Concerning Esayas, I hope he will not be endangered like our previous freedom figheters, the Menkae, who vanished unnoticed by EPLF. Let’s remember that history can repeat.

To conclude, my call is for wisdom, justice and free from emotions. This will not help the journey to end the tyranny in Asmara. Equally, I call the leadership of ESMNS to intervene genuinely and rest the case for the common good. If this case is handled wrongly, the YOUTH opposition group will be nothing but a carbon copy of PFDJ and a possible future dictator.

tes, one of your good wishers

Veery very late. If Simret had all these follow-up, it shouldhave worked early to inform the public from un necessary conspiracy.

I hope people like you will continue to make things clear and sit with a friendly environment with all concerned individuals or organizations and in particular with IT and his family to settle the matter peacefully and strengthen our struggle.

Divisions and accusations will only give advantage to PFDJ. We should should show to Eritreans that we can sit together no matter what political approach we have and solve problems in a more civility.

I consider this as a lithmus test of Simret and EYSC, as youth oppsotion camps, which I always give my heartful support despite and I believe that we the YOUTHS are able to sit together and negotiate for the common good.

Thank you again for the other side perspective and follow-up. And I call you to increase your effort in order to nurture civility.


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