What did Mohamed Kheir Omer(Ph.D) say about Jelal Yassin ABERRA?

Short Biography:

  1. Dr. Mohamed Kheir Omer

was born in the lowland of Eritrea in a city called Agordat. He is one of the highly educated Eritreans with vast work experiences. Although his area of expertise is in Veterinary sciences, in his personal blog, he said about himself he is interested in History, Political Sciences, and Social Justices. He studied at the Universities of Addis Ababa and Khartoum, and at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Sciences. He is active in Eritrean politics and many of his writings can be found in his blog titled ” Hedgait هيدقايت ሄድጋይት.

He is among the signatories of the so-called “Berlin Manifesto” prepared by a  group of 13 Eritreans, abbreviated by “G-13”. The manifesto, which was written on October 03, 2000, is an open letter handed to Isaias Afewerqi to demand political change, reconciliation, and implementation of the 1997 Constitution. Some members of the G-13 were arrested and never freed until today.

2. Jelal Yassin Aberra

Is an Eritrean from Asmara, who is currently living in Norway. He is educated in Social Anthropology and Information Technology. He is famous for his writings about the 1940s political history of Eritrea, especially the Unionist Party and its members. Although he is not a known figure in Eritrean politics, he is behind many of the political activities which have great impacts on the overall political spectrum.

I have extracted Ten remarks written about Jelal Yassin Aberra and his political activities by Dr. Mohamed Kheir Omer in his article written on 25/01/2015 under a title, “A Portrait: Jelal Yassin Aberra

Jelal Yassin Aberra

  1. He is very generous when it comes to financial contributions for political ends or in helping persons in need.  Tesfay Temenew acknowledged his support in his book. tesfay temnewo
  2. Through him, I have been able to write notes about Girmai Wedi Filipo, Tewelde Redda, and Mesfun Maare.
  3. I know of many clandestine political activities he had been involved in but it is not time to speak about them, at present.
  4. The first time I met him was several years ago at Café Providence in Oslo. […]. I was sitting alone when he joined me. Some of my friends had warned me he is as unfriendly and aggressive, but I always preferred to talk and listen to people before judging them. Our discussion led quickly to the issue of the Jeberti, which I later discovered that he had a lot of passion for. I listened attentively, I got a lot of new information and from that day on, I decided to learn more about them. He succeeded in changing some of the wrong perceptions I had.
  5. I learned how his great-grandfather name  ‘Aberra’ was coined. His original name was Abrar, but his mother opted to change it to Aberra to protect him from forced conversion to Christianity when Atze Yohannes used force to convert Muslims to Christianity.
  6. His late father who was a prominent Professor of Economics at the University of Asmara was killed by the EPLF in January 1991 in the front of his house. Probably, his only crime was that he advocated the cause of Jeberti and worked for their recognition as a separate entity.
  7. Born in Asmara in 1957, Jelal went to a Koranic school (Khalwa) and to Michelangelo Buonarotti kindergarten, Sant Anna Asilo & Scuole elemntari and later studied high school at Vittorio Emanuele.
  8. …joined the field by early 1975. There he took a short military training and was assigned to the army. His first assignment was in a platoon led by Ibrahim Affa. Later he served among others in a battalion headed by Woldenchael Haile. The political commissioner was Berakhi Gebresellasie. He also served in a platoon headed by Bitweded Abraha.
  9. After his sixth injury which left him paralyzed for almost a year, he was assigned to the Information Department of the EPLF, where he served among other positions as head of the manual publishing unit and attended the 9th round course at the cadre school. He was later assigned as a representative of the EPLF Information Department in Port Sudan where he served until the end of 1983 when he abandoned the organization.
  10. …Jelal is a multi-faceted intellectual. You can discuss with him on any subject, including religion. Besides the Koran, he knows the Bible by heart.

2 thoughts on “What did Mohamed Kheir Omer(Ph.D) say about Jelal Yassin ABERRA?

  1. I am certainly biased but I must add that Mr. Aberra is also the greatest man I have had the pleasure to know. Generous, highly intelligent, funny, and incredibly kind.


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