Dan Connell visits the heart of Zagwe Dynasty – Lalibela

Today, 02/11/2018, Dan Connell has shared some wonderful photos for his visit in of the most important but forgotten civilization center of the horn of Africa – the Zagwe Dynasty. Dan Connell’s visit to this site is important to Eritreans. Dan Connell can use his knowledge about Eritrea to create the missing link between pre-colonized Eritrean politics, colonial-era wartime revolution to build a hypothesis about the overall complexity of modern politics.


his kingdom was destroyed by Shoa kings and then the Solomonic kings tried to erase any mention about it from Ethiopian history. This attempt is what is called, “the lost history of Ethiopia”.

The Zagwe Dynasty had covered 4 centuries history(910 – 1275 AD) of Ethiopian history. Yet, it is the least researched period.

This was done on purpose to delete Agaw history in favor of Solomonic kingdom.

The fall of the Zagwe Dynasty was the beginning of chaos and bloody wars in the horn of Africa. Today’s Eritrea was part of the Zagwe Dynasty. However, after its scramble. Eritreans established their own centers. These centers include:

1. Adal Sultanate – later divided four centers. One of these centers later developed as an independent polity around Assab and gave birth to Rehayta Sultanate of Dankalia. Today, this Sultanate is part of the Dankal region of Eritrea or the Southern Red Sea Zone.

2. Bahre Negassi z – Debarwa – which had a control to Suakin, Sudan. This kingdom had covered the highland of Eritrea, the Eastern Red Sea, Sahel and to some extent across the Mereb river, upto Shire(today in Tigray region of Ethiopia). Seraye, Akeleguzay, Hamasien, Senhit, Sahel, Semhar and most parts of Eastern Gash-Setit were part of this kingdom. Massawa was its main port city.

3. Beni Amir Sultanate – Western lowland of Eritrea. This sultanate kingdom had a center in Kassala. Aqordat was also another important center of the Beni Amir tribes. Its control was covering all Barka region and Gash Setit.

This was the beginning of making Eritrea.

Italians consolidated these three small states in one and gave birth to the modern State of Eritrea (1890).

This history needs to be known by all Eritreans.

I hope Dan Conell will write his experiences about Lalibela in more detailed one.

Dan Conell is the most knowledgeable person on Earth about revolutionary history and politics, especially the EPLF part. He has published several books and hundreds of articles about Eritrea, Eritrean history and politics. His works can be visited at danconnell.net.

Some of his books include:

1. Against All Odds(1993).

2. Conversation with Eritrean Political Prisoners(2005)

3. Rethinking Revolution: New Strategies for Democracy and Revolution(2001)

I believe his visit to Lalibela will give him more picture about the pre-colonization history of the horn and the complex political pattern that is becoming the cause of confusion in modern politics.

According to what he is sharing on his Facebook page, Dan Connell seems to have an extended visit to Ethiopia. He has shared a photo of his along the borderline between Eritrea and Ethiopia. His visit to Ethiopia after the peace agreement is very important. I hope he will share his opinions about the current developments within Ethiopia in regard to Eritrea – Ethiopia relationship.

Thank you, Dan.

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