Well, dictator Issaias is coming live tomorrow via the only PFDJ controlled TV channel.

He has no private Facebook channel. Everything is nationalized, I mean PFDJized.

By the way, who is the target now?

I hope he will not play any dirty with Anegala Merkel again.

Recently, a strong voice has exploded from a Catholic Priest, Abba Teklemichael Tewolde calling for a positve change towards peace and freedom. His bold and straight words have called what the people needs most. Abba Teklemichael stated tgat Eritreans are not demanding breads but justice and freedom. In addition, he calls the people of Eritrea to stand for their rights and dignity.

Abba Teklemichael Tewelde’s voice has received appreciation. Many Eritreans are out to support his voice by circulating the audio records and by changing their facebook profile picture as a sign of their solidarity.

In Eritrea, internal resistance is growing. Former Finance Minister, Ato Berhane Abrhe has also written two books that expose the existing synical system of PFDJ and called Eritreans to stand for their rights and dignity while protecting for their beloved country.