Eritrean Dissidents Satelite TV EriSat: Values it Will Promote and its Transparency are crucial for its success

The newly established Satelite based TV channel EriSat is initiated by a group of Eritrean dissidents. I appreciate those who participate in this noble project and their efforts and to make it successful to start.

I do not have extended information about this project. What I know is obtained from information shared through social media, mainly Facebook and radio interviews. Therefore, it is hard to say more at this moment. Nevertheless, I would like to forward my penny idea that I think can be useful for the project success.

In this article, I would like to convey two major concerns.

1. Values to be Promoted: National Vs. Liberal

Mass media work on promoting certain values and principles. These values are intended to affect the way of thinking and life of the people in a target. Therefore, any social media is expected to define its vision based on the ideals it wants to nurture. In this regard, it is crucial to ask what values are expected to be the base of EriSat.

What is the ideological principle of the program that is expected to be broadcasted through EriSat? I believe that if it is oriented by Nationalism ideology, it will produce no positive impact.

In an interview conducted with Radio SBS Tigrigna on November 01, 2018, the current serving General Board director Saba Tesfahiwet has said the program main objective is to give high regards on national sovereignty and unity of Eritrean people. Although this is a fundamental principle is good, it depends on the way you deal with it.

I hope EriSat will entertain more liberal ideas and values. Liberal values are what Eritreans deserve these days. Nationalism has corrupted Eritrean mind resulting great damage to the quest for freedom.

2. Transparency

So far, the project is non-transparent. And, Eritreans have no idea who is behind it. Of course, I have no doubt the project idea was initiated by independent and concerned Eritreans. And, their intention is good.

However, the people deserve to know who is who in this great project. Transparent is one of the key concepts where Eritreans have great failures.

SBS Radio Tigrigna journalist Beyene Semere tried to ask the current Board Director about the source of funds for this project and who is in this project. She did not disclose it. All she said is just obscure. She tried to generalize instead of giving at least some key pieces of information that can clear doubts.

I hope the project idea and initiators will be fully transparent in their activities and make it public, including their sponsors.

This project seems to have a long period of preparations. There are key indicators for this. If the Board Director did not make its whole project, it will only add another injury to our democratization process.

Therefore, EriSat is expected to define the values it is will promote and be transparent. By doing so, it can be a great path toward greater achievements.

I wish EriSat good luck.

Here is the first 30 minutes broadcast

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