Missionary Mission or Subjugating the Horn of Africa through Scholars

For a long time now, maleducated Scholars of Africa have proved repeatedly to show that they have no interest in the freedom and Rights of Africans but to subjugate their people under the control of powerful empires of the world. They have accustomed to being mercenaries rather than saviors. And, in this modern era, their activity is increasing at a faster rate.

On the other hand, Africa is endowed with scholars whose primary job is a missionary. These highly educated missionaries are financed by religious centers to expand religion and religious activities. Through these activities, the local wisdom is ignored while promoting the imported knowledge.

Now Africa is entering into a new phase. Africa is transferring from the old-fashioned colonization process into modern occupational expansion for economic exploitation. To do this, history is playing a great role. Though the history of Africa is not properly written, there are loopholes that can be exploited for the advancement of a new expansion. In this regard, the Horn of Africa is the best area where anyone with expansion agenda can work on without much challenge to scrutiny.

In this modern era (21thC), powerful countries are in the race of scrambling the Horn of Africa into their economic zone. This economic zone scrambling project is happening through different strategies. For example, USA has the highest military presence in Africa, while China has expanded into the entire continent through investment. Other former colonial powers are also re-inventing their colonization process to step into their former colonies. To accomplish this, history needs to be revised. This revision is aimed to glorify major works that give positive images about the past while erasing the negative side. To accomplish these educated people are trained to accomplish the pre-defined mission.

These educated people are invited by exploiting the political situation of their country. This creates a favorable condition for a win-win process. It is in this regard that the horn of Africa is now getting the attention of Turkey.

In recent years, Turkey is muscling its presence. Somalia and Ethiopia have become some of the largest areas for Turkish investors. This expansion is through the global ambition of the revival of Ottoman Empire era. For this, religious scholars and revisionist historians are needed.

The concept of modern Turkish global ambition is a mixture of religion and liberalism. To make this mission successful, Turkey is in the process of hiring well-educated scholars who are able to control the minds of the people in the target. Among these educated people, Sufi Scholars of Africa are the best messengers of the Turkish model of a modern concept of religious views.

It is a shame to observe some Eritreans openly advocating for the revival of Ottoman Empire in the horn of Africa in general and in particular in Eritrea and Somalia.

Tigray Region of Ethiopia is already a victim. Turkish investors have already controlled main economic sectors.

And, Eritrean opposition camp has been in the process of hijacking by these Sufi Scholars. I hope we will open our eyes and be able to see the extent of their activities and say, enough is enough. And to succeed in our mission to get rid of the dictatorial regime in Asmara, we need to differentiate what type of mission we are working on.

In the beginning, the Ottoman Empire started to emerge in the 14thC. Then gradually, it expanded to areas across the Middle East and North East Africa. And in the 16thC it expanded deep into the hearts of East of Africa which then continued to remain one of the strongest world empires until 20thC.

In Eritrea, Ottoman Empire started to expand through the Red Sea Coast. The Kingdom of Bahre Negassi the Debarwa defeated it by destroying the then modern and well-equipped military of 1500. They controlled Debarwa for short time. Shortly after the king of Bahre Negassi organized his people and defeated them.

As a result, the Ottoman expansionists were forced to sign a treaty that let them stay in Hirgigo(near Massawa) without interfering into local affairs.

The Ottomans formed a Deputy(Naibs in Arabic) from the local people(of Belew Descendants) that Represent Ottomans in the Red Sea. It was mostly Controlling Trade Activity, mainly slave Trade. The Abyssinians benefitted immensely by trading slaves caught during military raids and by forcing those powerless people into slavery(the Nilotic people).

More than Million East Africans were sold as Slaves to the Middle East and Turkey through the port of Massawa and other small ports in the Red Sea.

This dark history of the Ottoman Empire in East Africa is purposefully deleted from history books primarily written by scholars who are better educated in this last 100 years. And, for the last 50 years, these scholars are predominantly those who were fighting against the Ethiopian Empire. And, to claim their legitimate struggle, they followed Selective Approach of blackmailing Ethiopian oppression while Romanticizing the era of the Ottoman empire. This approach gave a cover to the worst history of Ottoman Empire.

These better-educated scholars of the horn of Africa who started to fight against Ethiopian domination are predominantly educated in Egypt and other Middle East countries. Their mission became to glorify Islamic Civilization and expansion in the Horn of Africa. Therefore, the true history of the horn of Africa is distorted for a purpose. This brought generation who knows less about the negative side of Ottoman Empire in the horn of Africa.

Now, it is quite visible to observe Ottoman Empire romanticizers in the Horn of Africa by magnifying its ao called Social – justice. These days, social justice is becoming the best alternative to expand missionary activities through political means. As sane as it seems, social justice is a socialist ideology driven from religious institutions to serve the purpose of a controlled economy.

These Ottoman empire romanticizers are mercenaries for the new ambition launched by Turkey under the semi-secret project for the revival of Ottoman Civilization in the horn of Africa, including Eritrea.

Eritrea is under a tyranny. This is the best opportunity to be exploited for the re-introduction of Ottoman empire dreams. As result, some opportunists could exploit Turkish ambitions in the horn of Africa to finance their political activities. Some Eritrean scholars are conducting conferences in Turkish land. Though it is for a religious purpose, its purpose should be made clear to the public. Otherwise, it can be turned out to be a means to subjugate the country.

Turkey is advancing its ambitious project by all means possible. Formal diplomatic relationship with East African countries is growing fast and Turkish investment is increasingly expanding. In addition, it is not a secret that Turkey does not hesitate to hire mercenaries in its payroll to have a stronger influence within the powerful decision makers of any target state.

One thought on “Missionary Mission or Subjugating the Horn of Africa through Scholars

  1. Does the person who wrote this live in this planet? Wrote all that about Turkey and only to end up blaming Eritrean gov that has no close diplomatic or economic relarions with Turkey. The writter’s main target is therefore not Turkey’s ambition rather fabricating story on Eritrea.
    Eritrea is no place for any one East, West or any where else to spread their idealogy.


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