A path to ultimate FREEDOM – Contemplation of an Eritrean Liberal Democrat.

I am a person who is obsessed with searching the truth about the world problems and their solution for the betterment of the humankind. My search is boundless within the never-ending journey of the cosmopolitan universe.

My journey is established within my self-guided formative spirituality which often rejoices me with ecstasy. Through these journies, what I experience is an enlightenment path filled with joy and ecstasy. Without doubt these transcedent experiences are uplifting my soul to ascend into a higher liberal order.

Hold on, I am not here to invite you to the world I live in. I do not think it will be well suited to you. Just be in your world. No matter where you live, my objective is to share my enlightenment path [that] I am passing through. This path is not an easy path though it can be like stepping into a red ribbon guided path in honor of my given almightiness.

I am doing this because the wisdom I am able to acquire so far could be an opportunity to broaden your understanding of the Eritrean matters, especially in government formation and power control.

I am a self-proclaimed politician ordained under the doctrine of liberal democratic ideology. My guidance is not different but the light given to every human being. I am saying this because all human beings are equal.

Though everyone is bestowed to the afforementioned precious gift, very few have succeeded to realize their grace that enable them share it with their fellows. I do not know why but the light I am talking about is embedded within me since my birth coded under my secret name – Tesfabirhan – “the Hope of Light”. Some angry pals often call me, “Tesfa Tselmat – hope of the darkness”. The good thing is, light and darkness are complementary. The power that govern the world relies on the illumination – the power of light and the power of darkness. Those who see my wisdom, they will call me Tesfabirhan, and those who don’t, Tesfatselmat.

Hold on, are you wondering what am I talking about? If you don’t, I can understand. One may wonder but the world we live in and the universe that surrounds us is full of secret things. Uncovering these secrets can either let you discover the beauty you live or understand the dark forces which are enslaving you by removing your full freedom.

For most, these secrets are hidden. Very few know the world secrets. Knowing these secrets is not an easy journey. The good thing is these secrets are not far from what we experience daily. Let us just contemplate. Through contemplation, we can be free from the chains we live in and be free people who live in this beautiful world.

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