Mother – The Purest Symbol – “the Longing for Peace”

I got this photo from social media shared via facebook. She is a mother standing in the border line between Eritrea and Ethiopia on 26/08/2018. The mother was standing there waiting Eritreans from the other side to come and join her for peace.

my statementHer wish did not come true on that particular day. However, her longing for peace can easily be read. It is something she never dreamt off to happen Unfortunately, 20 years passed without seeing anyone crossing the border with joy.

Her photo symbolizes everything. And, I will keep this photo in my heart to remember what it mean to wait for something you value most – peace!

Symbol of peace

On the same date, there were some dozens of Ethiopians waiting with her to warmly welcome Eritreans. Unfortunately, Eritreans were not allowed to join them.


Their dream came true on 11/09/2018. I hope, the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia will never have war again. Peaceful co-existence is the only means for future development and prosperity.



Finally, the border is open and Eritreans and Ethiopians met together in Zalambesa

I hope NO war to happen again.



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