Dr. Debretsion Ghebremichale Deserves credit in stabilizing political chaos of Ethiopia

Without doubt the credit for stabilizing Ethiopian politics goes to Dr. Debretsion Ghebremichael.

His leadership to lead the people and his political organization, TPLF in the shock wave that was generated during the power transition from TPLF to OPDO’s aggressive political take-over is an exemplary.

Though Dr. Abiy Ahmed was the game changer, he did a historical mistake by attacking TPLF and by side lining them in his peace deal with Eritrea.

Not only in Ethiopia, but also he showed his leadership quality to stand firm and absorb the bullying political behaviour dictator Issaias Afewerqi.

Tigrian people are blessed to have such quality leaders who can lead them during times of political crisis. TPLF was supposed to be wiped out for good. Nevertheless, as usual, TPLF used its flexible political strategy and smart move to come out successful.

Respect to Dr. Debrestion.

A brave Speech he delivered on the occasion of welcoming peace deal between Eritrea and Ethiopia. I believe this speech is historical, brave, and reconliatory. 

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