Discourse (ብትግርኛ): Nationalism is not for peace and development but for WAR(In Tigrigna)

This is a discourse about nationalism and its negative effect in Eritrea. As a liberal democrat, my argument is, “nationalism is not for peace and development but for WAR”.  And, what Eritrea experienced since its creation is nothing but a strong justification for the negative impact nationalism has brought in Eritrea.

Not only the armed struggle, but also now against the dictatorial regime, Eritreans are using nationalism as an inspiration to fight for their freedom. However, the the freedom envisioned is not coming to reality. It is time to pause and rethink the ideology we are following in order to achieve our goals.

Eritreans are facing gross violation of human rights that amounted to crimes against humanity. And to fight against this, nationalism is not a solution. A political ideology that values human rights is an ideal one to be embraced. As a liberal democrat, I am using the ideology of liberal democracy to fight for my freedom and freedom of Eritreans.

For more, please follow the discourse in Tigrigna,

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