This is all about the Martyrdom of Hajj Mussa, a man who passed away in a brutal prison of PFDJ regime. Hajj Mussa is a hero, a hero of freedom and human rights. He defended the rights of private school which he chaired the School Committee as an elder.

His firm stand for justice and freedom is well recorded in Eritrean history books since the start of the armed struggle, He is a brother to Taha Mohammed Nur, the co-founder of Eritrean Liberation Front in 1961.

Hajji Mussa stood for the freeedom and rights of Eritreans since his early age. He participated by all means to the cause of Eritrea by risking his life. During the Ethiopian rule he was imprisoned several times.

After independence, he served his own community and Eritrea as an elder. He stood strong in his principles. In all public meetings and with government officials, he did not hide his strong voice. He stood for truth and freedom. And what he voiced was all for this dignity.

My take is to remind all Eritreanswhat message we have received from our late father Hajji Mussa. His message is strong and we need to be stronger to continue his message to become reality. Freedom comes at all costs. And NO RIGHTS is given but fought for to earn it.

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