This was an audio record about my world outlook in the Eritrean political approach based on my philosophical dialects. In this discourse, I have mentioned four great philosophers – two unknown to the world great Eritrean philosophers, and two Indian great philosophers.

The metaphor I selected are

  1. How do you see things? Beyene Haile – Eritrean Philosopher, writer, painter, etc.
  2. Be like a white cloud – Osho – Great Indian Spiritual Philosopher
  3. One World – Amanuel Sahle – Great Eritrean thinker and writer
  4. “Small is Beautiful” – A quote from Mahatama Ghandi

I built my synthesis about Eritrean based on these four great thinkers conception of the world view to induce my liberal democratic approach of fighting for the Rights of every Eritrean citizen. For more, you can either find it in my facebook original record or in my uploaded youtube channel as provided below.