Eritrean Lowland League: A Critical Reflection – Part I(In Tigrigna)

This is my critical reflection on Eritrean Lowland League. It is done so to strengthen Eritrean Civic Organizations and engage Eritreans who are organized in different organizations.

The document given can be found more easily at titled by  “An Initiative to Rally the Eritrean Lowland Societies” or in the website of the Association

Original Reflection

On April 01, 2014

It is good that such big intitiative is coming also that will back-up the justice movements from all angles. that is how PDFJ can be kicked-off soon.

How safe it is and how open it is in its mission can be left for an open public debate and awareness?

I am afraid it may finally stay in Wushate and discuss its matter alone. As we all know, PFDJ is against the Eritrean people and he succeeded in dividing Eritreans based on many factors. And these divided forces need a spring board to stand as political forces and this is what I understood after reading the whole document

I thank awate teamand SG’s comment stating that, awate published the english version so that everybody who can not read the arabic version is able to read and say what s/he feels and this is pure rational, reasonable and making information available to the masses.

I read in one of the “Fundamental Rights and Principles”point number (5) saying, “All languages shall be considered equal by law with the adoption of Arabic as an official national language in the lowlands and nationwide.”

Oke, as a fundamental principle, it is well taken. But, is it practical now to limit the language use in only one, that is Arabic?

make all the information into at least the Eritrean languages (9) and publish it. Then everybody is aware what is going on.

ANd to the world, write it in English, French even chinese now adays. In that way every corner can be reached.

Information exchange matters a lot for success of any movement.

Even most Eritreans (especially young) who are living in the western world are only able to read English, or tigrigna written in eglish alphbets. Use all the technologies available to dissiminate.

Just my opinion and wish success for the initiatives.

Though I wished success for the initiators, my concern is yet not green.

  1. What makes Eritrean politics vague is its nature of initiation. All is based on FEAR. YG – his fabrication of false Eritrean identity is purely of FEAR, actually fear of identity crisis and trying a possible hiding haven under the worship of Haile-silase.
  2. Afar people’s movement is purely FEAR of extiniction.
  3. Medrek’s movement is purely FEAR of future Eritrea without the legacy of PFDJ era.
  4. PFDJ dictatorship is fear of power and dominance

I could have continued to list, but may be it will be a duplication of Haile Zeru. Anyway, this is the worst scenarios in the Eritrean politics.

Deki metahit (Lowlander’s society) is purely the PRODUCT OF COMPLEX FEAR. And worse, it is repeating what our forefathers did before.

Yes, Eritreans who live in the lowlands suffered a lot, their land was taken, they could get a grazing land and they can not plough their land, and more, they became victims of PFDJ security policy, cultural policy, educational policy… etc.

But then, is it logical to initiate a geopolitical platform that can ruin the main theme of dictatorship of PFDJ?

PFDJ is killing all people with no discrimination. Lets read all countries that were under the communist USSR direct influence, especially the Eastern Europe. That is what we are now facing. Let’s fight for this. Lets not follow the old and bancrapted political methodology. We have a clear political issue, that is aTotalitarian regime. To call now people under the umbrella of geo-politics is just chaos and a delay for the overthrow of dictatorship.

My Current Reflections



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