Structuring Eritrean Liberal Democrats

Nothing is early if idea exists. And to envision this idea, the whole picture of organization structure has to be outlined so that people who embrace these ideals can take their share to enrich it at a national level. Since the idea of Liberal democracy for Eritreans emerged from the existing political chaos, its mandate it to give a push factor by providing a platform where every Eritrean who embraces Liberal Democracy value can be accomodated in his/her area of groupings.

In the mean time, Eritrean Liberal Democrats is coming with an idea of organizing its members into three clusters.

  1. Awraja based Groupings of ELDs
  2. Independent ELDs
  3. ELDs for Special Interest Groupings

Eritrean Liberal Democrats

Eritrean Liberal Democrats will be organized in a Decentralized Unitary Party System – where each region will have its own organizational structure and Autonomous Administration. And A Special Interest Group will be established in each Region/Awraja to work for the interest of their Groups within the Liberal Democratic values.

All regions and Independepent Liberal Democrat Nationals will be United at a national level through their regional representatives to form Eritrean Liberal Democrats General Assembly. And, the leader will be elected through a democratic system.

Conception Process

Eritrean Liberal Democrats are Eritreans who are coming together on the bases of Liberal Democratic ideological values. And our central claim is that the source of these values are human beings and we stand for the Human rights of Eritreans by organizing ourselves in a democratic system. Our core values are

  1. Human Rights based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights(1948) and all other conventions or declarations that reflect these rights
  2. Sovereignity of Eritrea
  3. Democratic System of Governance that Reflects Liberal Democractic values
  4. Rule of Law
  5. Transparent and based on mutual interest diplomatic relationships with countries.
  6. Free market

Our ideological framework is as given in the figure below.


A Call to Every Eritrean

Do you have any Idea/s you have on the Future Structure of Eritrean Liberall Democrats Party? Please leave your notes in the comment section below. We will appreciate your inputs.

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