GoFundMe.com has to delete fund Raising campaign for an alleged perpetrator – Lieuetenant Colonel Tesfagebriel Embaye

On 12/01/2018, A fund raising coampaign has been launched by person identified as Amanuel Dawa Cloud from Washington DC through a fundraising platform called GoFundMe under a cover reason of medical expense help. The objective is to raise 25,000 USD.

Though the reason given is for medical expense purpose, there is a risk of being exploited by the beneficiary to defend himself in a legal court process which he is alleged of crimes against humanity he committed while he was a military officer in Eritrea.

The cover of a c riminal 1

GoFundMe has a social responsibility to look after the money which is collected using its platform. According to UN Guiding Principles of Business and Human Rights, any business or social services that has a potential to violate human rights has a responsibility to conduct due diligence process. Here is therefore addressing my concern to the Social platform to look after this case seriously.

L/Colonel is under investigation for raping women and other related crimes against humanity he committed while he was a military officer starting from 1991 to 2004.

He had occupied various military office positions and was leading one of the heavily mechanized groups where national service conscripts were forced to work as slaves.

He left Eritrea in 2004 to USA for medical service and never went back since then.

While in USA, he continued to train groups specialized in cyber bullying. Some of his trainees are working in facebook and youtube channels to bully, defame and isolate Eritreans.

Therefore, I call GoFund to delete this fund raisng campaign from its platform as it is violating the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights.

My address to those who initiated the fundraising campaign and people who may contribute

Instead of helping the victims of this criminal, fund raising campaign is running to help a perperetor, accused of crimes against humanity.

This funding is irresponsible.

Gofundme has to stop this campaign and the person who initiated this fund raising might be accused as a collaborator of a criminal.

And any person who contributed may share the acts of crime of this perperator has committed during his life time.

I call to all Eritreans to refrain from any contribution.

I call the person who initiated this fund raising campaign to retract it.

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