My Opinion on Regionalism

In political philosophy, regionalism is not a state of where you belong; it is how far you think outside your own house. It becomes complex when an attitude of self-delineated mind exist and fail to think beyond and reject the existence of the whole.

It starts from minority complex and integrating onself to phenomenon that revolve around the periphery. One feels that he is much safer when remained stucked in his own cave while still the wind is blowing outside.

If this is the mind complex that generate such thinking, then, there it develops Romanizing the cave and live within it. Romanizing creates to appreciate the past and resists the on-going activities outside the cave. And anyone who touches the periphery of this Romanization is against it, be it right or wrong.

Having this initiation, a regionalist creates an image of either superiority or inferiority and fight for that. And is always like a strong bee colony in approaching and defending the state where he belongs.

And at the same time, regionalism can be imposed by external agents also. Those who impose such characters are themselves not free and like a virus, they invade the other territory and contaminate it by the same way. From this then, the state of “WHO YOU ARE” develops and the two indulge in the same and create chaos for nothing.

And Eritreans are not free, but we didn’t posses it before, we got contaminated by a virus injected to us; first by the divide and rule policy of great Britain and after from two sides, the Ethiopian rulers and the political developments within the revolutionary commands that existed in the 1970’s.

This can be clearly traced by referring “Nihnan Elamanan’ of EPLF, a self-centered rationalistic approach of dealing the political issues that complicated the whole course of our struggle and post independence.

I said, “Regionalism is Romanizing your own self and never think beyond.” It is state of the mind extent, not areal extent. Area has nothing to do with a mind obsessed on his own ego? Let’s not attach it with geographical area. It is a psychocological geography.

For me, regionalism; nationalism, Leninism, sexism, feminism, Maoism, secularism, Africanism…. all words having suffix “…ISM” are the same. I am saying words, words that express set of ideas or way of thinking and acting as such for they are the driving forces.

If you try to refer all this type of words, they are problem creatures. Because they create a boundary. It could have been good if they stop there and never reach the others. But the truth is the opposite. They hide themselves on such mind state and go beyond to contaminate the others. The innocent mind state.

I don’t want to go down and interpret the word raised as many ordinary thinking people do. This is for me putting in a slam.

As human being, I want to live without boundary. I don’t mean without a house, a village, a region, a nation, a continent, the planet. I was born in a place which I am always attached. But, this is not my limit. I need to go beyond my cave and look around and reach far beyond.

And I don’t reject who I am. Because I am the result of where I came from. But I will not organize others to appreciate the way I appreciate and neglect or oppose the others.

We need to come-out from superiority-Inferiority complex. We are human being and we are born to live with civility. To live with civility means to do things that can harmonize us with all. Living, non-living. And live in integrity. Not by localizing. We are supposed to live like birds, just like the white cloud.

But just to manage and administer the way we live, we need a civilized way of ruling the surrounding.

Therefore, forget, Aditekelezan, forget hamasien. Come-out from the romantized physcological geography. Live beyond. Just let’s think on how we can manage our life.

Countries were created just after 18thC. Before the system was different. And organizing people at national level was in its time a high level of thinking and managing people and resources in a more efficient way. And now at continetal level came.

Rememeber how Abraham Clinton faught against division of America in the 1770th. 200 years, he said UNIION is the only means. He declared “Unity” by all costs and he succeeded and as we can see now we have the power ful America.

And see now European Union. Europeans were almost 150 years remained behind to understand the true meaning of UNITY.

A lot of things need to be done to come out of “REGIONALIS” or in general “…ISM’s sickness.

I don’t mean that all true values of oneself should be forgotten. I got a chance to study FOOD IDENITY and through this I am learning how Europeans are trying to keep their culture. Please read some on “TERROIR” “Geographic Indication Products.”


(Origionally posted in Hanti-Alem discussion group on 09/12/2013 – I am not sure if this page is still active though.)

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