Radio Jahray: Fearless Voice of the Voiceless Eritreans

When there is freedom, the is a voice. When there is no freedom, there is a voice but is silent. That is why we are voice of the voiceless people.

It is this simple mission, being voice of the voiceless people that is keeping us fighting against those who oppress our freedom.

Eritrean people are denied their freedom by one of the most notorious brutal regime of 21thC, called PFDJ. everyone is forced to be silent and left to live in giant state prison. Nothing is coming out from and going in to this country.

And those who managed to escape this police state, the first thing is to search protection. Once protected, different paths are followed. Some simply keep quite while others speak out. And very brave and courageous people speak out for those who are still living in the condition they left.

One of these brave and courageous people is Abdu Mohammed. Abdu is one of the founders of the only radio program that broadcasts in Bilen language inside Eritrea. he worked for this radio for 15 years before he finally left the country for good. After he asked for an asylum in Switzerland, he did not keep his voice to be silent. He started to contribute to an online Blina radio program stationed in USA. 

I have no detailed information what motivates him to leave that radio and start a new radio broadcast of his own. But I suspect that he wanted to be more free to voice his own voice freely. He has all the talents and gifts to produce noble articles.

Abdu is the co-founder among 10 founders and the main contributor to radio Jahray. This radio is revolutionalizing communication approach. Mr. Abdu has succeeded to attract like minded people who are highly educated  and critical to dissiminate fearless messages on behalf of the voiceless Eritreans.

Though Radio Jahray uses Bilen language, its message is universal and is voicing on behalf of Eritreans. Every Eritrean who listens Bilen language will find this program unique in its approach and content. Its contents are diverse and upto date.

I am a contributor to this program. And my focus is on human rights. I write articles based my own experiences and enrich them with world literature to fit Eritrean situation.

You can check my contribution starting from 20:00

I encourage every Eritrean to listen this program.

To be the voice of the voiceless is not an easy task. But there is always someone who voices the voice of the voiceless people.

At individual level, many are doing it. When a group of people or society come together to voice their voiceless voice, it becomes so strong.

This is what Radio Jahray is doing.

I will write more detailed analysis about Radio programs that are broadcasting in Bilen language. This article is a short essay directed for public awareness. I hope I will come with more insight information from the two radio programs that are currently targeting Bilen speakers.

Radio Jahray is A Swiss based online radio program that is broadcasting its program using Bilen language. It has about 6000 listeners. 

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