In this modern day, language is NO MORE an issue. It is an outdated debate. What you need is interpreters(even a computer program is doing this service). Then, anyone can speak in a language that he masters. And listeners can switch the language they want.

We are living in the IT era.

Personally, I have excluded the language issue from my political argument. It is old politics.

As a human right advocator, I believe everybody’s choice of using a language that he/she can master.

And any official publication, state publication, must be produced in all languages at the time of release.

For this, what we need is establishing strong institutions who specialize in languages.

Even if there is a langage that is spoken by a single person or small number of people, they have a right to be educated and read official publications using their own language. And this is one of human rights aspect.

I can not excuses on experts. The state has an obligation to respect and protect the rights of every citizen citizen.