Standing Against School Punishment: The beginning of my Struggle for “Human Rights”

Fresh Memories from my Elementary School

During my elementary school, I attended a Catholic School in my home town. It was the best school that has shaped my life unil today. The school had excellent teaching methods and discipline was always strict.

What I experienced in this school has in many ways shaped my life.From this school, I have learned compassion, kindness, love, charity, fear of God, forgiveness, competition, self-discipline, toughness, believing on what you stand for, perfection, struggle for your own rights, wisdom and righteousness. To summarised it, it was all about giving what you have.

I remember going to the school with empty stomach because we had nothing to eat at home. At school, we had biscuits and sometimes breakfasts. Because my family can not afford it, I barely paid my school fees. I had to register on loan bases which I was always exempted every new academic year.

This is my general good memories, there was also moments that I stood for my rights and the school did not forced me to obey.

The event

I still remember vividly what happened to me in my 3rd year grade elementary school. A Catholic priest whipped me 12 times in my bare white hand(6 each) simply because I didn’t attend the church evening program. It was so paining but I didn’t cry. Normally, I don’t cry when I am hurted phsyically. What makes me to cry is when my heart is hurted so deeply or when I see human suffering.

What happened to me in my early school years had forced me to question the priest’s authority. I asked, “why I am supposed to go to the church if this priest is going to punish me like this just for not attending?” And then, I quited going to the church for the next three years stay at the Catholic School. I never attended any church program and no one asked then again.

I think they understood what they did to me.My family are from Orthodox. I used this as a cover for not attending Catholic church programs. And thanks God, they didn’t insist me to attend. It is only after my university study that I thought it is good if I go back to the church. And at my wedding day, I reconciled to become a member of the catholic church. Sorry I didn’t confess about this. I think the priest who did this to me has to confess not me.

I could say, this single event forced me to stay away from the church for such a long time, though I was attending occasionally whenever I need to attend.

Since after, I didn’t like any teacher who punsihed me physically. And in general, I had very rare disciplinary mistakes at school.

The Struggle

I could say, this single event that happened at school was the beginning of my fight against inhumane treatment. At the age of 9, I was able to stand for my rights. The school did not forced me to attend church programs. I think it was out of full respect. And I finished my elementary school peacefully without any church interference.


Standing for your rights is deep within every human being. The only difference is whether you are passive or active about it. The majority are passive until they are fully aware about their mistreatement. For this, we need to raise people’s consciousness so that we can ALL STAND TOGTHER in Unity. Together, we can end human rights violations.


2 thoughts on “Standing Against School Punishment: The beginning of my Struggle for “Human Rights”

    1. Selam Zeragabr!

      I think I could have dropped my school. Throughout my life, I avoided those who want to take away what I believe. I do respect authority as far as they respect my dignity. The time they cross this, I do not obey for the sake of obeying. Although I do not simply react, I have my instnict behaviour that helped me to respond in a way that keeps my dignity intact.

      I was very young at that time. And I was among the best students. The school could have many possibilities to accept their order and if I didn’t they could have done my study uncomfortable. And I was not easy person to be convinced.

      Therefore, I was just lucky not to be pressured to attend the church.

      And this is the same even if I was a catholic. From the very beginning, I was chosing my choices except the later years of my work under pfdj.

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