Political Dialogue with Bright Future Eritrea Movement’s Member – Tesfa Tesfagerghis


It was on 25/09/2017. It was a long day. Not because it is long than before but I have to wait a comment from my friend Tesfa Tesfagerghis. Tesfa is member of one now evolving radicalist movement that does not recognize Eritrea’s sovereignity, called Bright Future Eritrea. This radicalist movement has dismissed openly Eritrea’s 30 years armed struggle simply by claiming it was all led by Eritrea’s Peoples Liberation Front(EPLF). Though they are loud to undo Eritrea’s historical discourse by negating it as a “Bandit’s history”, they are not shy to express what their mission is in their newly established movement. what they are advocating is that Eritreans should be given a chance to conduct referendum and decide whether they can join Ethiopia or stay as independent country.

In a recent inteview conducted between leaders of Bright Future Eritrea’s Movement (BFEM) and Aiga Forum from Ethiopia, they said that Eritreans are brothers with Tigrians(Tigray region of Ethiopia settlers) and share the same identity. And the primary mission of BFEM to establish a transitional government of Eritrea by removing PFDJ(They identify it as EPLF) and conduct referendum.

One of the strategy they are using is negationism tactics of Eritrean history. And to insert the word ‘Eritrea”, they claim that they recognize Eritrea of 1890 and then reject Eritrea’s sovereign state.

Though they tried to camouflage themselves as human Rights advocaters, their public seminars shows otherwise. It is not easy to define their political ideology. However, many of their documents is showing that they are in favour of integrating Eritrea with Ethiopia. And their central claim is “Identity Lineage”.

A similar but purely ‘Fascist” movement called Aga’azian Movement has similar argument for their movement based on identity. But Aga’azians differs from Bright Future Movement as its intention is to create a state called “Aga’azian State” by combining Orthodox Highlanders of Eritrea and Tigray region.

To understanding their thinking I decided to engage Tesfa Tesfagerghis when he posted a provocative statement in his facebook page (as shown in Figure below). The discussion was from amateurish perspective. And what is written is not purely from a political stance. It is mainly an opinionated discussion to understand members thinking.

Bright Future_Tesfa

Objective of this Article

This dialogue will be the first to be addressed to challenge Bright Future Eritrea Movement and defeat their political  endevour that is galloping without check and balance. I believe that this movement is un-Eritrean and has no interest on Eritrean people. It’s mission is either to unite Eritrea with Ethiopia or create Tigray-Tigrigni State of Tigrigna Speaking people of the horn.

Therefore, it is my responsibility to expose such dangerious ideas. No matter how bitter humanitarian crisis we are passing through, we can not forget who we are. Eritrea is an independent and sovereign country. Any attempt that undermines this sovereignity is against rule of law. This international sovereignity law is guaranteed both by Eritrean people and international community. Ignoring this law is ignoring the people who are protected by the law.

On this occasion, I call BFEM to respect rule of law – the law of a sovereign land. If even BFEM dismisses 1993 Referendum result, Eritrean people will not, so are the international community. At least, tt is for good if this movement respects the sovereignity of Eritrea.


ብሩህ መጻኢ ማዕሪ ህግ ተፈሊጣ ኣላ! እቲ ዘሐጉስ ግን ኣንጻር ሽፍታ ህግ ጠጠዉ ምባላ እዩ!!!


(Bright Future is equally famed as EPLF! The good thing is it has stood against EPLF). Tesfa Tesfagerghis

Discussion Commences

Tesfabirhan REDIE

Tesfie, tsibuq heray yimeliala ske (Translated: Tesfa – Good and I wish it will be as you claim).

Kihateka gina (May I ask you?):

Beyenay meday eya maere hizbawi Ginbar tefelita zela (In what sense is Bright Future is equally famed as that of EPLF?).

Maere entekoynu, maere slezikones keyetehasasibeni ayterefen (If they are equally famed, it has left me wondering).

Kemeysi – hizba Ginbar bchikanen ghset sebuawi meselatn kab alem tefelitu eyu zelo (Because, EPLF is a brutal regime who is known to the world for its crimes against humanity).

Abrah rih abilelna (Could you clarify it please).

Tesfa Tesfagerghis

let me try to answer your questions:

BF is known well for its stand against the bandits that are still destroying our country, our people. In the social media, as you daily see it, BF is the prime enemy of all those ‘called’ oppositions. It looks like that they are not worried​ about EPLF, which is constantly dehumanising their people. Well, I label to some as people with Stockholm syndrome​.

BF is known, at the moment, equally to the Eritreans who are residing either in Eritrea or abroad. They are also hopeful that BF emancipate them from all the sufferings. So, BF is known for its good intentions that are openly vocalised by its members.

Tesfabirhan REDIE

Thank you Tesfa for your brief answer. Of course you didn’t answer my original question but it is OK. Let me move on.

You said, “called” oppositions. Could you please clarify it as it could be negative in most cases.

Tesfa Tesfagerghis

How could we have opposition party abroad? We all agree that Eritrea does not have constitution, meaning that we cannot have opposition, president, flag, •••••

Now we have those self proclaimed opposition. I don’t understand that. Their gathering should be encouraged but informing the people in the diaspora as opposition is misleading and should be stopped.

Forming an opposition abroad is like recognising the bandits as executives. You can not have such without having constitution.

Tesfabirhan REDIE

Kkk, as expected and of course negative conception and misleading.

Can you define to me what opposition means?

And can you explain to me what is Bright Future in accordance to its activity?

Tesfa Tesfagerghis

I think you misunderstood me. I am sure that you are not asking me for the literal meaning of opposition.

BF is not an opposition political party. It is a revolutionary movement. And it will not stand as an opposition or leading party. ELF was not a political party. It was a revolution with intention to remove foreign forces from Eritrea.

BF is set to remove EPLF.

Tesfabirhan REDIE

Very good.

Then, what is the fate of those you identify themsemves as “opposition forces” that you or BF call them ” called” Opposition?

Isn’t it this same identification the same used by PFDJ to those who stand againts it?

And what makes BF to be different from PFDJ in this regard?

If BF is not giving recognition to those who identify themselves as “opposition”, is it that simple to be recognized in response?

Can I conclude also those “called’ opposition, as you are calling it, are targets of BF?

Tesfa Tesfagerghis

Let me rephrase my wording. Those so called opposition political parties are not BF enemies, rather advocates of BF.

We also have been calling them to join us and remove EPLF, then form transitional government. Within the transitional period, all those with ambition of forming a recognised political party should vote on forming committee​ to draft constitution and the temporarily amalgamated groups to vote on each article. However, BF has come with precondition that the government to be set has to be secular. BF won’t marge with EPLF ideology, majority domination, or religion domination.

Tesfabirhan REDIE

Tesfa Tesfagerghis good.

Ok you have a pre-condition. It is good to learn about it.

Of course, you can paraphrase, clarify, whatever you can. Still I see the void.


Let me keep on asking.

  1. What type of secularism are you advocating?
  2. Why you are calling them to join you? Isn’t wiser to be a part than a caller Remember EPLF has always called other parties to join it. History is good to learn from.
  3. Why BF considers the opposition groups as advocators of BF works? Can we conclude that BF is not an independent movement if it relies on other advocates works?
  4. Just for clarification though you have said it:

Does BF consider the opposition as equal shareholders or just advocates for BF?

I appreciate your kind response

Tesfa Tesfagerghis

Sorry for the delayed response:&
You still see ‘void’ somewhere. But I have tried my best.

  1. Secular government:
    a. Religion won’t take place in country matters, mainly in decision making, drafting and implementing constitution of the future Eritrea. However, religions will be guided and regulated, which will be clearly stipulated on Bill of Rights.
    b. There will be no ‘minority or majority rule’ approach. One persons rights are valued, and the constitution should protect that person within limits of the set.
  2. BF is calling all groups called opposition political parties to work with us in removing EPLF. As I said it before, BF is not a political party. It has no agenda of forming a coalition with any single political party. However, members are allowed to join them, preferably after setting up a transitional govt and drafting constitution. BF does not have problem with Kunama and Afar movement. They are movement and it is more likely that we all marge. 
  3. BF sees the opposition parties as advocates. Currently they have forgotten their ‘enemy’ hgdf. Their target is BF. BF is ‘damaging’ their heroic events before 1991. BF has put it clear that all what happened, mainly by EPLF (with evidence), was human destruction. There was no heroic act that we can prove it to the mass. So, I call them advocates of BF by default. They are not doing it intentionally. And, this won’t make BF as ‘scavengers’. I see a lot of people, who are not members of BF, working for BF tirelessly. I thank all of them as I do to the ‘opposition parties’.4. OP are not share holders of BF at the moment. We have to see their willingness to work with us. You, Tes are an advocate for BF. But I am not sure if you arw aware of that. As a result, you won’t claim a thing for your good contribution.Therefore, shareholders are those who have signed to be members.

Tesfabirhan REDIE

Thanks Tesfa Tesfagerghis you know that I am a liberal democrat. And according to my political philosophy, I am guided by transparency and democratic engagement. If this helps BF, good.

Ok. Good trial.

Let me ask you more:

  1. You said that BF wants to see a secular state. Then, you said “religions will be guided and regulated” Do you believe on Freedom to beliefs? And if you are going to regulate them, what makes you different than PFDJ?
  2. What do you mean by “limits of set?” Are you going to limit individuals freedom? If you put limits, what makes you different than PFDJ?
  3. Ok, you removed “…”. Is it intentional?Why you were using the quotation mark before?PFDJ does not consider itself as a political party. And you are claiming the same. What is then your difference. Remember, PFDJ stands for People’s Front FOR Democracy and Justice”.

    And PFDJ believes itself as a transitional government. And you are claiming to do the same.

    Well, I know your claim is to conduct referendum to decide Eritrea’s Future, henc, Bright Future. Is the referendum of 1993 invalid according to BF manifesto?

    4. Can I conclude that BF is benefitting Opposition’s advocacy?

    Forget about heroic achievements now as you have no concrete definition of your own.

    Do you recognize May 24, 1991 achievements?

    Do you recognize Eritrea’s Sovereignity that was recognized by the 1993 Referendum Act and UN’s recognition of Sovereign Eritrea?

    5. Are you willing to work with OP?

    Are you ready with party that wants a non-sectarian state?

    Thank you for your kind response.

Tesfa Tesfagerghis

  1. Responding;
    Yes, I agree on the Freedom to beliefs. No should be forced to believe in any religion. It should be the goodwill of that particular. Regulate: Religions should not invade peoples’ private life. There should be consent from the person whom someone wants to recruit. 
  2. Limits: An individual should be protected by the constitution. But, when those with needs of protection exceeds the resources, NGOs and foreign countries should be consulted. Then, rights of the individuals can be guarantied.Rights of individuals are with responsibilities. A person who demanding rights while violating rights of his neighbour should be rehabilitated. If you remember freedom of expression incidents in Ethiopia recently, the people,violated their rights. Some of them had guns.EPLF does not have constitution for the people. U should know by now that EPLF and BF are on two different ends.

    3 Inverted comas are used when you don’t recognise as such. It should be a mistake anyway.

    PFDJ claims as the party for the country. You may correct me if they are not political party. However, I said that BF is a movement, just as Jebha። Jebha was,not political pary.

    3. Referendum was conducted in 1993 and none of us have a problem with that. But, should BF give credit to EPLF? No! EPLF had no intention of separating Eritrea from Ethiopia. They only had power sharing problem. Meaning that referendum could have been done long time ago if the bandits hadn’t been formed.

    4. Yes, BF is benefiting advocacy from opposition. No comment on that.

    BF does not recognise any claims of heroism.

    We recognise Eritrea the one from 1890.

    6. Yes, we are ready to work with Op. But, I am not sure to which you are referring by stating non-sectarian state.

    This is all I have good nt.

Tesfabirhan REDIE

Thank you Tesfa Tesfagerghis. So far so good.


Let me continue asking you

1. You said “we” does it represent BF views or all you are writing here are just your own opinions?

If it is your opinion, please use “I”. Just a friendly advice in order to avoid confusion.

2. You said again, “religionq should not onvade people’s private life.

Then, do you mean there will be state intervention?

Are you still supportive of state regulations on religions as I asked you before?

3. You said, an individual should be protected by a constitution. And then you put “BUT”. Then, you added that NGO’s will intervene if state resources could not enough to protect.

Due you mean that NGOs can work out the constitutional rights?

And you are saying state should be consulted. For what? And what is the base of consultation? Can state be consulted outside the constitutional righst?

Do not worry if you have little or no knowledge about constitutinal rights. I am just asking because you mentioned some important topic.

4. I know PFDJ associates Rights with Responsibilities. Is BF stand to be the same as that of pfdj? If not, what do you mean individual rights are with responsibilities?

5. I don’t make conspiracies. Therefore let us keep aside EPLF intention. What I am sure about is Eritreans wanted to stay indpendent and live in freedom.

History has recorded that Ethiopia annexed Eritrea in 1962. And it used a military force to keep Eritrea within Ethiopia. And ELF started its armed struggle against Ethiopia’s annexation. Wasn’t it then clear Eritreans wanted to be free from the very beginning?

Remember, EPLF came 10 years later.

You recognize Eritrea of 1890. This means, Eritrea is still now a colony if Italy. You don’t recognize Eritrea of today?

You used”was” on Eritrea’s 1993 referendum recognition. And you said that you had no problem with that. Do you have any problem now it?

Do you recognize Eritrea which is now member of UN and its internationally recognized sovereignity?

Are you going to disqualify 1993 Referendum and bring Eritrea’s fate back to the table of Referendum?

Ur kind response is appreciated.

Note: please use “I” if it is your opinion otherwise I will consider it BF’s stand.

No response as of 24/09/2017.

End of Discussion!







5 thoughts on “Political Dialogue with Bright Future Eritrea Movement’s Member – Tesfa Tesfagerghis

  1. ሕቶ ኤርትራውያን ኮ ብ ዓጋመ ዝውሰን ኣይኮነን። ንሕና ኤርትራውያን ኢና፡ ሽግርና ባዕልና ኣለናዮ። ዓጋመ ጸግዕኹም ሓዙልና።

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The history is already done, by our fathers and elderly and very strong brothers and sisters and our lovely mothers. They made is free and gave as one and the most beautiful nation. I am proud of them what they have done.
      I wish people should have understood what your manifesto is saying, which is completely stupid and lacks the dignity to Eritreans people what should have been deserved to got it.
      It’s sure that we are still in catastrophic situations, we not lucky not getting the freedom we deserve to have it due the dictatorship government, but are still fighting for the better of the existed/existing and that it will remain forever as it is,ERITREA.
      Again I would like to say that you named for your self by the term of BF,not at all Eritrea was bright and still bright and it will for ever. The already have declared hi independent once for ever. So your working for none Eritreans who wants to become Eritrean and Eritrean integration will destroy and let them live in a harassment ,depression, poverty, migration and above all for potential civil war.



  2. ሕቶ ኤርትራውያን ኮ ብ ዓጋመ ዝውሰን ኣይኮነን። ንሕና ኤርትራውያን ኢና፡ ሽግርና ባዕልና ኣለናዮ። ዓጋመ ጸግዕኹም ሓዙልና።


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