PFDJ Insecurity: From YPFDJ Conference to The National Council of Eritrean Americans Congress

Changing title is a sign of Losing

On August 12, 2017, reported about a congress held by the National Council of Eritrean Americans in Seattle USA from 08 to 11 August 2017. According to the news report, representatives of national associations from across the USA participated.

This is unusual title. First of all, participants were members of Y[Youth]PFDJ. YPFDJ is a youth organization that is affiliated to the only existing political party in Eritrea. Second, the name given to the gathering is different from similar gathering held by the same group for the last 12 years.

Before, the same gathering was used to be held under a title, “YPFDJ North America Conference”. What is the reason then to change the name of the gathering and participants? Why PFDJ is using a different tactic then after 12 years consecutive meetings?

pfdj_insecureWell, PFDJ gathering is the same but not normal as before. As opposition to PFDJ in the west is getting stronger and stronger, it is becoming hard for PFDJ to conduct political meetings freely as before. For example, in April 13th YPFDJ Europe – Holland Conference was canceled after Mayor of Veldhoven warned that security of conference participants could not be guaranteed. This warrant came after a group of justice seekers conveyed a message of warning to the government of Holland accompanied by strong condemnation to the anyone who participated in the conference.

PFDJ tried to defend the rights of the conference by claiming the conference is not political but cultural exchange. The fact in the ground cannot prove PFDJ’s claim. After the cancelation, PFDJ wrote a long statement that condemn Dutch Government decision.

PFDJ did not want to be ashamed again. What it has to do is to invent a new tactic to camouflage its YPFDJ conference across the world. What happened in North America is therefore a simple cover of its political meetings. PFDJ understood that calling such meetings as “YPFDJ Conference” is not going to help. Instead, it fabricated a name for a non-existent national associations to name its routing conference as National Council of Eritrean American Congress. It is a failed political game.

Since its establishment, YPFDJ North America conducted its conference annually. This year, it could not get a courage to use its usual title. The reason for doing so is its Europe sister organization bitter experience. It is politically correct to call it congress of Eritrean council associations. Otherwise, it is difficult to argue for any accusation that could arise from any opposing force.

Changing of Momentum

2017 is a year of success for the opposition camp. YPFDJ conference in Holland was canceled. Yemane Gebreab  – founder of YPFDJ is forced to spent this time in a hospital after he faced an attack from justice seekers. And almost all PFDJ organized annual festivals faced strong condemnation from justice seekers.

These achievements show the growing momentum of the opposition camp against PFDJ. These days, it is hard for PFDJ to conduct its normal business. Opposition is becoming intensive, persistent and is performed with high efficiency. Without doubt, the opposition camp has attained its threshold of resistance.

More detailed analysis about the conference will be presented soon.


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