Communist Party of China(CPC) is Guilty of​ its​ Symbiotic Relationship​ with PFDJ of Eritrea

News published at on 19/07/2017 has put me in a puzzle to ask a diplomatic relationship between China and Eritrea. The news report has strange photo footage of showing seven(7) officials of Chinese Communist Party attending a meeting with only two PFDJ officials – Isaias Afewerki and Hagos Ghebrehiwet. Though it is not unusual to see such kind of meetings with foreign diplomats, this report forced me to make CPC accountable for its collaboration with PFDJ officials which are accused of crimes against humanity.

According to the report published at shabait, the meeting was aimed at strengthening the existing relationship between CPC and PFDJ. Indeed PFDJ desperately needs to maintain with its parental party. If CPC has any striving ideological heritage in Africa, it is only in Eritrea. cpc_pfdj

PFDJ Officials and CPC Delegates meetings, Asmara 19/07/2017

The history of Chinese Communist Party and Isaias Afewerki dates back to 1997.  This makes it 1967 to be an important year for China and Eritrea. It is the year where the current leader of Eritrea and Chairman of PFDJ, Isaias Afewerki, went to China to be trained as a political cadre. At the same year, China was in its Cultural Revolution era(1966 – 1976) led under the leadership of Mao Zedong. Isaias got political training by Communist Party of China(CPC) trainers within the principle of Marx-Lenin-Maoism Ideology. It was not only the teachings he got from but also what he witnessed during his six months stay in China has a tremendous impact in Isaias’s thinking and daily practices. The teachings he received combined with his psychopathic behavior, Isaias has turned into a monster and barbaric leader. Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki in China - 1967

Isaias Afewerki, other Eritreans and Chinese Cadre trainers, 1967, China


Isaias Afewerki and Chinese President, China, 2005

If the years of Cultural Revolution of China are remembered as the worst days in Chinese modern history, so is the era of Isaias (1967 – present). China under communist Mao (1949 – 1976) has witnessed massive genocide and crimes against humanity. So is now in Eritrea by his student Isaias Afewerki.

UN Human Rights Council has accused Eritrea of its crimes against humanity. According to Commission of Inquiry – Eritrea investigation report, since 1991, Eritreans are exposed to systematic crimes against humanity. During 2015, 2016 and 2017, hearings at UN hearings, if there is any country that did not fully approve COI – Report, it is China. Instead, China made an excuse over Eritrea’s crimes as if it was incapability of management skills.

If Cultural revolution era was miserable for China, I hope they are not making excuses those crimes committed against Chinese as if it was a lack of skilled managers during the Mao leadership. Otherwise, the source of all those misers was the political ideology followed by Communist Party. And what PFDJ is committing at this time is in line with the ideology thought by Chinese officers.

It is a historical mistake to observe CPC continuing its parental role and strengthen PFDJ. Though I am not naive to expect respect of human rights from CPC, at least it is a universal obligation for a government or political parties to distance themselves from anyone accused of crimes against humanity.

Today, China is the 2nd most powerful country. It was expected to protect human rights by pressuring leaders who abuse their power to commit crimes. There is no logic to observe this powerful country to be blind and deaf when innocent people are crying for help. China has an international obligation. This obligation is not only limited to economic prosperity but also peace and freedom. When people lack freedom, everything is else is nothing but a nightmare.

PFDJ may pretend for its diplomatic relationship with China as it is historical. The fact is, PFDJ never acknowledged history. Its relationship is purely symbiotic. It is to open a gateway for greedy Chinese economy so that it can stay in power. Ideologically and in practice, China is more close to PFDJ. China does not respect basic human rights so is CPC. China is looking aggressively sources of raw materials. Eritrea is relatively ideal place as it has unexploited mineral resources and strategic maritime line.  China can not afford pressuring countries like Eritrea simply to lose its interest. If there are governments which need protection at the cost of everything they possess, China will be ideal country. The symbiotic relationship between PFDJ and CPC is therefore based on “I will protect you but allow me to exploit you” symbiotic relationship. The existing historical background is used to broker between the countries. And their self-interest is the leverage for their evil relationship.

Communist Party of China is guilty at two levels: (1) – as an ideological parent to PFDJ regime and (2) as a party that has ignored what PFDJ is accused of by UN Human Rights body for its crimes against humanity and continue its business. Eritreans will not forget what Chinese are doing with PFDJ. If there is any powerful country that is purposefully keeping silent over Eritrean situation it is China. History is recording.

On this occasion, if China has any humanity, I call it to use its power to pressure PFDJ end its crimes. If this is not possible, China should refrain from exploiting Eritrean natural resources and halt its business practices with PFDJ. At the same time, I call international community pressure China to stop its actvitiy with Eritrea.



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