Not a vessel to be filled but a kindle to be ignited

I read two important biographical books in 2006-2007. One about Gandhi and second about Albert Einstein. Though I was enlightened by both books, what has the greatest impact on my life journey then after is what Albert Einstein said. It reads:

“Our mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled”

Sometimes it becomes frustrating when you get neither the vessel nor the fire to be kindled around or within you. Yet, the fact remains always true. We have a non-ignited fire within us.

Therefore, when we interact, let our energy be directed to fire the kindle within us. Do not let the vessel to be filled. Let you leave it empty. Within an empty vessel, there is everything.

Remember, the universe came from nowhere and it will go nowhere. We are just like that. Let us live within, therefore.

And if you want to purify your already filled vessel, come back and contemplate. Just contemplate.

Late-night meditation.


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