What I speak

What I see

What I feel

What I think

I write.

Writing is my way,

Writing is my soul

Writing is my spirit

Writing is my energy

Writing is all what I write.

I simply write,

Because I have to write

For the reason that I write

All is what I write.

Oh why I write,

Oh the reason I write

It is nothing but to write

When I write

What I write

I write.

My heaven,

The heaven that I live in

Is beautiful

Simply because I write

I write because I write.

My readers,

Read me because I write

What I write 

Is what you read.

Those who write,

Are of the those who write

Read what they write

Because they write.

When they write,

It is because what they have

Take it

Hold it

Own it

Then you will write.

It is a simple reason,

That make me write

Is what I speak

What I think

What I possess

Take it

Own it

Because I write.

The gift,

That I have for you

Is what I write

And what I write is what you read.

I write!!!


Contemplation of the afternoon Sunday