A Drop of Words: A Converse through a Poem

This poem is dedicated to Kokhob Selam whom I know only through his love-centric writings at www. awate.com. He is genuine, noble and with great wisdom freedom fighter. His comments at awate are accompaned by poems. In 2016, he had a brain dammage which put him under care for months. At this time he is recovering fast. During those hard days, he was not able to type on keyboard. For this reason, Awate Forum members missed him dearly. Now that he is able to type to a certain extend he is back to grace us with his political wisdom, humanity and love. All this he does is within his drops of words.

I think it is my second or third time to write a poem to him as a conversation. This poem below is therefore specifically addressed to him. originally it was posted at awate.com and you can find it by clicking here.

Selam Kokhob Selam,

Your wisdom shines everyday
…..every hour
…..every minute
…… every second
Blessed are those who we are reading you

Your universe is so wide,
Beyond our universe
If there is a universe
But I bet your universe is so unique
Full of light
Light of transcedence.

What you bring for us
It is way beyond us
Us, the blessed
In full surrender
Yet free
Just like the white cloud
and You
The wind
Helping us to float in your universe

Kokhob Selam!

Your hands might be,
Just might be
Yes not strong
To type
But what is dropped,
Yes dropped
Is an expression of SILENCE
The silence of the MASTER
Just like the Budha!

I feel
I sense
I perceive
I understand
Every drop you are dropping

You might remember,
Yes you remember
Our hard talk
Talk of enlightened

Yes yesteryear
I reacted
A reaction
Without comprehension

Was it about the Habesha
The Habesha
Yes I thought
A wrong thought

The reaction
That was reacted
It was supposed to be treated
As a love
Of your universe!

I misunderstood
And now
For the wrong
I did
In labeling

And this drop

A drop of words
Is a sincere
An honest
Of saying
from your descipline!

YES MASTER Kpkhob Selam

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