Reconciliation call for a United and Friendly Action: An Open Public Call on the Occasion of Prisoner’s day

This time more than ever a united action is needed. I call those under mentioned human rights activists and defenders to reconcile their personal conflicts and work together. We are watching you hurting the life time struggle journey for justice by our forefathers. If you can not solve your differences and get united to voice for the voiceless, we will not hesitate to say a spade is a spade. And remember Eritrea is for Eritreans. Those who suffer are Eritreans. Be a united voice for the voiceless. A divided voice hurts everyone, including you .

Dr. Daniel Rezene Mekonnen, Selam Kidane, Meron Estifanos, and Elizabeth Chrum.

I am mentioning you because the justice seekers camp has trust on you. Come together and reconcile your differences. Struggle for justice is not comptetion between each other but a concerted action against the oppressor. No matter to which association or organization you belong, you are voicing the voice of the voiceless people. This simple mission should unite you. Respect each other and work together. No division. 

Otherwise the people will not be hurted again after such a long and bitter struggle. The simplest job you are called to do is to unite your voices by coming together. 

We are Watching you:

Eritreans are watching you working divided.

We are watching you exactly why you are divided.

We are sensing your clear differences.

We are watching who is who.

We are watching you conspiring each other.

We are watching you competing each other.

We are watching you trying to isolate one from the other, sadly at the cost of the other.

We are watching you going producing a divided voice.

Get United:

reconcileGet United – Make us proud of your talents.

Get United- Make us feel comfortable of your mission.

Get United  – make us feel safe to air voice of voicesless people.

Get united – to help us end our suffering.

Get United – No matter how you feel liberal, remember your conscience and rule of law of the people.

Get United  – to end injustice.

We have a trust on your strength and wisdom. Do not let us stay divided.

Get United!

Get United  – to free Eritreans from oppression.

Get United  – unity starts at small circle!

A Call for Reconciliation – on the Ocassion of Prisoner’s day

DSCF7913I am calling you for a genuine and wise reconciliation. No one is benefitting from your division. No one is achieving from your divided voice. Now that we have reached the ultimutum in front of the United Nation, a strong voice is demanded from a strong and united voice.


G-15Come together. Resolve your personal difference. We all know you are the voice of the voiceless but we call you to be united.

A Reconciliation Call on the occasion of Prisoners day – Very direct as we are witnessing some damaging trends among you.

Motivated by “Small is Beautiful” Mahtama Ghandi

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