Eritrea: Transition to Liberal Democracy

Today, everything is mixed in Eritrean diaspora politics. This mix-up has created chaos, chaos that is full of confusions magnified through ignorance. Yet there is a high probablity of the birth of liberal democraty. Here is for example the list and number of diverse groups which they are engaging themselves in the current opposition group basket.

A. Political Organization

  1. 1. Political Organizations (19 +/-)
    1.1 Ethnic Based Political Organizations (5 +/-)
    1.2 Religion Based Political Organizations (4 +/-)
    1.3 Regional Based Political Organizations (2 +/-)
    2. Umbrella Organizations ( 3+/-)

    B. Mass Media

    1. Radio (10 +/-)
    2. Websites (35 +/-)
    3. Paltalk/Facebook Pages (15 +/-)

    C. Civic Societies:

    1. Eritrean Lowland League
    2. Eritrean Highland League
    3. Civic Organizations (30 +/-)
    4. Refugee and Human Rights Organizations (10 +/-)
    5. Youth Oriented Organizations (7 +/-)
    6. Women Based Organizations (3 +/-)
    7. Society of Lawyers – 1
    8. Society of other professionals – unknown

With its diverse social demography and religious institutions, following a certain political principle that undermines economic, political and social freedom is a hindrance for creating peaceful co-existence. What can be more agreable in the Eritrean atmopshere is therefore liberal democracy. It might be difficult but with the oppositin groups operational zones, those already established institutions can be incorporated as parcel and parts of the whole motion to wards it.

Here is what I can propose therefore:

  1. Political Organization and Civic Societeies must have a clear separation.
  2. Political Organization should work for the bigger cause while by themselves becoming stronger, be it by competining or working in alliance with others.
  3. Political Organizations should should know that they are not opinion makers. They are for power and must work for that end.
  4. Political Organizations can either create civic associations to reach the unreachable to advance their cause, for example UN organizations and those who do not work directly with political organizations.
  5. Political Organizations should identify intellectuals and cooperate with them for influencing the world of scholars.
  6. Political organizations should reach people at maximum possible in a more transparent manner with consistence.
  7. Civic Societies should work for the cause they were established.
  8. Civic Societies should work either to influence opinions of decision makers or empower in the making of decisions.
  9. Civic Socities are not for power therefore should stay away from competition with political organizations.
  10. Civic Societies could be much productive if they identify political organizations that can advance their cause of formation.
  11. Civic Societies should reach the unreachable to influence world community.
  12. Civic Societies need to work with the people that are adherents to the cause they are working on.
  13. Intellectuals should work to influence thinking and framing of directions.
  14. Intellectuals should work to influence the world for the cause they believe on.
  15. Intellectuals could be more productive if they identify their area of interest so that they can be the reachable.
  16. Mass media – those independent need to give credit the status of respective entities and build reputation of respect accordingly.
  17. Mass media should not forget that there is freedom of speech within the frame of accountability.
  18. Mass media(those independent) could be more productive if they identify themselves as established outlets for the political organization they ally with most. Better not to mix things or trying to be a host for everything.
  19. The people should know that Political Organizations are the power house of the final change they are looking for.
  20. Political Organization should know that they are accountable for everything they do.

One thought on “Eritrea: Transition to Liberal Democracy

  1. The 40s kaos reflects it selve again but this time with luminants guidance.
    The regime was successful in orchestrating the event.


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