A Lesson: How PFDJ Thugs Quote for their own crooked Politics?

On 19/04/2017, a debate/discussion brought by PFDJ thug at http://www.awate.com was loaded by a purposefully distorted quote for a purpose to serve PFDJ claims of defamation. Here is what was written: ___________________________________________ Robel Cal. [PFDJ Thug] Hi everyone To the people who support Miriam Van Reisen do you also support her views of unifying EritreaContinue reading “A Lesson: How PFDJ Thugs Quote for their own crooked Politics?”

Reconciliation call for a United and Friendly Action: An Open Public Call on the Occasion of Prisoner’s day

This time more than ever a united action is needed. I call those under mentioned human rights activists and defenders to reconcile their personal conflicts and work together. We are watching you hurting the life time struggle journey for justice by our forefathers. If you can not solve your differences and get united to voiceContinue reading “Reconciliation call for a United and Friendly Action: An Open Public Call on the Occasion of Prisoner’s day”

Mathematics of Eritreans Grievances

Part I: Background of the Mathematical Equation Whenever I see people reacting on every issue we raise about victims of PFDJ junta, I read or hear a parallel and ant-thesis line that tries to neutralize the case at hand. For example, PFDJ always works to rationalize the crime it commits against humanity as if itContinue reading “Mathematics of Eritreans Grievances”

Ciham: Remembering a Victim of Eritrean Regime

A message to the Eritrean Regime, Originally written at awate.com Forum comment and then enlarged to reflect my stand and understanding of the victim’s case. Ciham is in jail without comunicado. (…to be continued) _____________________Beginning of Contemplation_______ She was only 15. Only 15 years old 15 years old Not old but young Young and innocent NotContinue reading “Ciham: Remembering a Victim of Eritrean Regime”

Eritrea: Transition to Liberal Democracy

Today, everything is mixed in Eritrean diaspora politics. This mix-up has created chaos, chaos that is full of confusions magnified through ignorance. Yet there is a high probablity of the birth of liberal democraty. Here is for example the list and number of diverse groups which they are engaging themselves in the current opposition groupContinue reading “Eritrea: Transition to Liberal Democracy”