Self-talk: Eritrean Generation and their thinking


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Under the comment section of Eritrean Youth: The Lost Generatoin written on 16/03/2017 I wrote a lengthy comment with an objective to see generation thinking. And it was initiated by a self provoked question and asked to myself, “why he is calling us the lost generation?” when he is not really communicating between the generations. And now you came with a new title, another title that we are trying to challenge.

It is good I think to divide/cluster Eritrean generations based on different stages of our on-going experience

1. Generation of Struggle 1961 – 1991

This generation is divided into three:

a. Ghedli Generation – those who joined the armed struggle

Is a generation that feels proud for doing something worthy. And by default, this generation beliefs that it is the legitimate mentor for all generations.

This generation Is feelings guilty now as it failed to make Eritrea and Eritreans the land of FREEDOM.

b. Generation that stayed at home and worked under Ethiopian rule

Generation with feeling of guiltness -for not joing the armed struggle- for doing nothing or cooperating with the aggressors. This generation feels illegitimate. The word, “Abey zineberka eka” – where were you? repeated and echoed by

This generation Is feelings has the feeling of losing or gaining nothing. Every now and then, you can hear them saying, GIDEFUNA ENDO BEJAKUM, SELAMNA HABUNA. NABRANA KEFIUNA ALO.” When they don’t have peace inside, they urgue you not to disturb their peacefulness.

c. Diaspora Generation 19991 – 1997

This generation has mixed feelings – one, there is feeling of ‘I did my responsibility by helping economically for the struggle. However, it became a worshipper of the Ghedli generation – this blocks the right to call for the rights it deserves. One can not be a worshipper and a challenger. Many consider themselves as loyal members.

This generation is in the verge of staying loyal and worhsipper derived by burning nationalism sentiments and feeling guilty for trying to suppress human rights of Eritreans living inside the country.

2. Generation of Enthusiasm

This generation – stayed at home when independence was achieved. Everything was fine and ready for building the nation – 1994 was a bench mark for this generation – When National Service was declared, everyone was happy to join. There was great enthusiasm to contribute what is needed for the Nation Building.

This generation is now re-organizing itself under the banner of “Local Community Associations – under a pre-requisite of NO POLITICS and NO RELIGOIN or whatever, just Cultural and Social affairs. And it is doing because of the same enthusiastic sentiment of doing something for the community – still National Service mindset

3. Generation of Institutional Building – 1997 – 2002

This generation was better equiped to build governmental institutions and fulfill professoianl demand. This generation sought Eritrea is at a better shape to have a constitutional government and relatively better governance.

Having witnessed government fractures and institutional liquidation, this generation is now trying to be a born-again professioanl expert in the domain of Eritrean Political Conflict Management. And many are are actively participating in the formation of Civic Rights Movement. They are hating politicians from time to time and they do not have trust on political organizations . You can this generation in many professional associations and civic societies of current movement.

4. Disheartened Generation 2002 – 2008

This generation has witnessed shuttering of the sailing of hope and institutional liquidation. It has lost trust of institution and presence of big walls in the forefront blocked everything from advance.

This generation has a simply burning heart. There is no way to go. But movements like Agazians can easily attract it.

5. Floating Generation 2008 – 2014

This generation have got nothing to worry about. He has witnessed a non-institutionalized government, which it took it as it is but OK, no enthusiasm, no institution, no profession. There is no system to rely on. By default, this generation is the most liberal generation. There is no base and there is no sailing of hope.

This generation generation cares less on what is going on. But there is a potential to divert them into an effective generation by pushing them up wards. Today, Regional sentiment is winning this group of generation. It might be danegerous but is a good sign.

6. Identity Search Generation – 2014 – 2020

This generation is listenin, watching, observing and building capacity at a speedy rate. A rate that can challenge everyone.

This generation is similar to Floating generation but needs proper educaton as it seems more eager to learn. .

In conlcusion, what the author of the article came with in this latest article is a continuation of his mischaracterization in the first one. Therefore, the is misleading and unrepresentative. Eritrean youth are not lost. We are always present but with a different thinking.

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