I am bringing this to the attention of the public in defense of the rights of individuals for their rights as human being. I am witnessing on daily bases bullying and defamation of Eritreans through social media day in day out. Vulgar words and sexual assaults is becoming like a norm to silence individuals by violating their rights human fellow.
In this call, I am bringing the case of four Eritrean women who are constantly harrased, insulted and defamed by Aregai Hagos through his facebook and youtube channels.

For my primary call, I am bringing the case of four Eritreans who are constantly harrased, insulted and defamed by Aregai Hagos through his facebook and youtube channels.

No matter what they advocate for, their rights as human being should be respected.

I am calling Eritreans to join me in my plea for respecting an absolute human rights to be respected for these under mentioned Eritrean women. They are victims of sexual assaults and vulgar words, defamation and bullying. For some, it has extended for the last 3 – 4 years. Aregai Hagos is continuing his public assualt and insulting.

1. Elizabeth Chyrum

Elsa chyrum
A victim of Aregai Hagos for the last 3 -4 years

2. Lemlem Tzehaie

Lemlem Tsehaye

A victim of Aregai Hagos

3. Gual Ali Grace Mulugeta

Gual Ali

A victim of Aregai Hagos

4. Helen Kesete


Helen Kesete, a victim of Aregai Hagos

If Aregai Hagos has any claim as a victim, he can not justify what he is doing as a retaliation of a self-defense mechanism. He has to observe rule of law to bring them to court. If not, harassement is violation of rights of an individual for whatever reason it could be.

Some of his bullying records:

Aregai’s cyber attack on individuals, three years agao


In this facebook snapshot, Aregai Hagos has attacked Elizabth Chyrum on false accusations and insulted her based on identity . This video live release was viewed by over 32,000 viewers and shared 95 times. 

My Call

Dear Eritreans and anyone who is reading this message, I urge you to join me in defending the rights of these women.

If we continue to keep silent, the rule of the jungle will reign again.

Of course, there are other victims of sexual harrassement and vulgar words. However, in this case I am selectively bringing special cases for public attention.

These four women are victims of:

1. Direct and personal sexual assaults

2. Vulgarism

3. Bullying

4. Defamation

5. Insults

6. Identity and racial based attacks

7. False accusation

8. Labeling, etc.

And according to Universal Declarataion of Human Rights, their rights was violated. In Article 12, we read as follows:

Article 12.

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

Also, I urge the victims also to sue Aregai Hagos directly in any nearbye court as he is using social media to attack them.

I also call for the people and organizations to ask for facebook, youtube and paltalk use legal procedure to block this person from defusing his assaults to the public.