Not Nakfa but mountain Adal has strong message for today’s generation.

Not Nakfa but mountain Adal has strong message for today’s generation.


On the other hand,

Nakfa is becoming a symbol of oppression for my generation.

Nakfa, today, no matter what has happened in the past, in today’s Eritrean mind set, it is is becoming a symbol of oppression, inflation, dictatorship and a false pride. It is a symbol of corruption and human trafficking.

Dear my fellow Eritreans, Nakfa was great two decades before, long time before:

  1. PFDJ was born in the heart of Nakfa (1994)
  2. A currency called Nakfa started to circulate in the pockets of every Eritrean citizen (1997)
  3. The border war broke out and Badme became the center of vicitimization (1998)
  4. G – 15, the heroes of Nakfa were arrested and inprisoned without communicado.
  5. Mietir became a center of torture and persecution
  6. GeleAlo and WiA became the prison center of University students
  7. Sawa became the beginning of a never ending suffering
  8. Sinai became the center of Body Organ marketing center
  9. Libya became a transit of hope
  10. Refugee centers in Ethiopia, Israel and Sudan became the sole haven place of desperate Eritreans

Nakfa is no more the center of pride today. It is a symbol of horor and persecution.

Dear my fellow Eritreans, my generation is not denying what happened in Nakfa. But, we are scrutinizing it under a experimental lab of, The end justifies the means.

Now, my generation is going back to 1961. We want to communicate with hamid Idris Awate. Awate , for us, is becoming a symbol of Resistance and Liberty. We are looking at Mount Adal. This mountain has rather a strong message for us today than ever before. It was not our intention. But, but PFDJ has forced us, to look back on who we are. We are categorically rejecting oppression.

Nakfa for us is a symbol of monopoly and intolerance. It is Nakfa that has eradicated ELF. Nakfa never embraced diversity. Nakfa for us is a symbol of Despotism.

Nakfa, for us Anti-FREEDOM. On the contrary, Mount Adal is symbol of search for liberty.

We are looking for Mount Adal, to inspire us, to inform us, to embolden us, to reconcile us.

Nakfa is becoming a symbol of:

  • Rejection
  • Monopoly
  • Oppression
  • Pesecution
  • Criminilization
  • Corruption
  • Abusing

The great historical achievements of Nakfa was gone with the birth of PFDJ. Nakfa was buried in Nakfa. Now, we have a nightmare wispering Nakfa.

If my generation rejects to honor Nakfa, it is not for the great historical victories but what is in existence today. Those historical days are there.

Dear my fellow Eritreans, do not be mislead. When we reject Nakfa, we are not rejecting our history. Our rejection is all what is present in today’s Eritrea.

Dear my fellow Eritreans, don’t be in a disarray. Do not think Eritrean Youth is a lost generation. We are present.

What we are doing is this –

We are hating nationalism and socialism. We are adjusting ourselves in a liberal world. We are changing our political ideology – from socialism and nationalism, to Liberalism.

If you are observing more civic organizations hatching today, it is nothing but a sign of liberal ideas. Eritreans are benefitting the freedom they got in the new world.

Of course, my generation is hating politics. Sectarianism and Ethnocentralism is much liberal compared to a non-organized and weak political organizational situation.

The reason we hate politics is not because our hate is conscious but it is a hate of PFDJ political persecution and domination.

Dear my fellow Eritreans, trying to organize today’s Eritrean youth needs much more liberal path.

The political organizations that exist in the opposition camp are either nationalists or Socialists. They need to adjust in to a liberal thinking that embrace Civic Societies.

Dear my fellow Eritreans, Eritreans are now starting to appreciate political situation of 1940s, 1950s. They want to create a liberal political path.

Of course, Agazian Ideology is not liberal but is benefitting from the environment we are living.

If we can, lets adjust ourselves. I know it is hard to be adjusted in to a liberal world but there is some hope.

Here is my challenge then:

By mixing rule of law and liberal thinking, there is a possibility of creating Liberal Democratic Environment. To achieve this, the Ghedli generation can stress on Rule of Law, and the new Generation on Liberal thinking..

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