Marine Le Pen: Sanity of Liberty or Controversy of Policy

On 21/02/2017, I came to learn that Marine Le Pen, the far right Predidential candidate of Frence 2017 has refused to wear headcraft during her scheduled meeting with Lebabon Mufti during her tour in Lebanose. Here is my reflection.

Sanity of Liberty

I don’t agree with most policies that the far right presidential candidate of France 2017 wants to implement but I REALLY ADMIRE HERE DECISION TO REFUSE HEADCRAFT during a scheduled meeting with Lebanon’s Mufti. She ddoesn’t wear in her daily life why then she has to just to meet the mufti.

By doing this, I think Le Pen has shown her role as an emancipated and free woman of 21thC. Freedom is freedom and should not be taken away at any time and place.

I am confident also the Mufti will admire her decision and arrange another meeting that respects her full freedom.

Relatively Lebanon is a liberal country by comparing to other Islamic States. Respecting Marine Le Pen’s freedom not to wear headcraft will therefore make Lebanon more liberal, not other wise.

Marine Le Pen refusal to wear veil

Still Lebanon has some liberal views regarding to religious communities. And its society are open minded and respect diversity. As a Francophonic country, its link with European culture is strong despite challenges facing the area zone.

Now that it is an important moment for the world in the political discourse to follow for the 21cC, what leaders do matters. Marine Le Pen, a conservative leader of France, iShe is trying to preserve the historical legacies of French civilization throughout the 19thC and 20thC.

This being the fact, France has strong world heritage in terms of liberty and secular views. Obeying what religious leaders order is therefore unacceptable.

Marine Le Pen, as crazy as she is, she didn’t let the French Revolution down in her trip to Lebanon. She has shown her strong side, an emanicipated woman of all oppressions. I believe therefore, her womanhood in the French eyes will give an honour of legacy that will be remembered for generations to come.

I salut her courage and modeling role of all women to fight against religious oppressions.

Controversy of Policy: Paradox

In september 2016, Nice court has moved on banning women not to wear headcraves in public areas. This rule affected Moslem women directly. Though The highest French Court ruled against the banning lawsuite, it has questioned the controverial issue of human body liberty. Especially, women were affected directly.

For more follow this link and this one and this one

Marine Le Pen, like all other of her conservative beliefs, it has supported the banning. This has uproared liberal thinkers and strong supporters of feminist movements.

On this occasion, I call Marine Le Pen to support other people’s choice of wearing whatever they want. In the paradoxical move of banning headcraft in public areas of France, she [Marine Le Pen] supported the ban. And this shows her double standard on her own liberty according to what she beliefs and her controverial policy of limiting people’s freedom. 


In my conclusion, I refuse any kind of impossed rule on human being, be it on men or women. People should be guided by liberal life rules and respecting a choice of someone should be the ultimum sanity.

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