Complexion of Disputes

The problem of solving a dispute is not the dispute itself but to leave it on the table and go after someone because you found that there was involment by external agent. The first dispute remains on the table and another emerges.

This happens in our daily life, be it in politics or social life. And its effect is just disasterous.

ጸገም ምፍታሕ ናይ ሓደ ዘይምስምማዕ/ባእሲ; ባዕሉ እቲ ተፈጢሩ ዘሎ ዘይምስምማዕ/ባእሲ ዘይኮነስ፤ ሳልሳይ ኣካል ከም ዝኣተዎ ስለዝፈልጥካ፤ ነቲ ኣጋጢሙ ዘሎ ዘይምስምማዕ/ባእሲ ከም ዘለዎ ገዲፍካ፡ ናብቲ ሳልሳይ ኣካል ኬድካ ክልእ ዘይምስምማዕ/ባእሲ ምኽፋት እዩ። እዚ ድማ፤ እቲ ቀዳማይ ዘይምስምማዕ/ባእሲ ከይፈታሕካ፣ ካልእ ምውሳኽ(ኣብ ዘላታ፤ ተወሰኸታ) እዩ።

ከም’ዚ ዝኣመሰለ ፍጻመታት ድማ ኣብ መዓልታዊ ሂወትና የጋጥም; ኣብ ፖለቲካ ይኹን ማሕበራዊ ሂወት። ሳዕቤኑ ድማ ዕንወት ጥራሕ እዩ።

Lets pay attention!

ነስተውዕል ደኣ!

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