PFDJ: According to my Understanding


1. PFDJ is not DIA+ Enforcers+Ordinary members. PFDJ is an organization/front that works in definite ideology.

2. PFDJ has worked relentlessly to merge what they call in their box, “Three-in-One”, The people, the military and the government. EDF is within PFDJ and can not be a separate institute. It is possible that some sympathizers could exist within the EDF but to expect them as possible doers is too optimistic. EDF has stopped producing educated military commanders almost since 2001. They have closed the only existed Military college in Sawa, “Enda Mekonnat” Without educated military personnel EDF’s role can not be a democratic coup but just to remove a power that has sucked their life. The 2012 Militia that is composed of ordinary citizens is what we have in the forefront.

Remark: According to PFDJ ideology, the mentioned three actors are ONE. (According to Guru of this philosophy, x-general Sibhat Efrem).

3. Border issue is dead. No file is needed to be opened and EEBC has done it’s job. It is up to the international community to respect the rule of law regarding Sovereignty. Opening an office that deals with such issue is just a bargain and in favor of Ethiopian political hallucination.

4. Reconciliation: What is all this about? What ever disagreements exist within the opposition camp is just because of an absence to clear strategy. The rest is just personal. To give time for personal disagreements is unhealthy and it will end-up to more division and chaos. PFDJ is the enemy of all and all those who are in different camp should align themselves to this basic target. Even the old political dilemmas was centered on differences emerged in solving the problems that questioned for their own existence. Political differences do not need reconciliation but rooms to discuss and hence democracy. Beyond that it is just megaberya (መጋበርያ ሽማግለታት or በላዕቲ በጊዕ). Consistence, transparency and responsibility is what we can consider them as a conciliatory force.

Note: All political diverges, disagreements, hates and skirmish are mainly because of breath taking.

5. If EDF uses his ontime present forces ad then after is to rehabilitate them, what is the compensation? Isn’t like those who joined the EPLF IN 1990 AND 1991 and are said good-bye for bad intentions? What is the fate of the existing military strategy? What is the future of EDF? Remember transferring from a provisional committee to a one ministerial force will not be an easy take. Military men are camera mongers. Once they come on camera, they want to stay there.

6. the 1997 constitution is to some extent fulfilling PFDJ system. To what level of guarantee is the “democratic-coup” ready to adopt it.

Remark: There are a number of proclamations that are almost substituting and work as constitutional ways. What is the clear way of demarcating between these two legal systems?

7. PFDJ has succeeded in creating a negative force. How can a democratic coup be different from this is still questionable.

Finally, if handled and managed within a welll defined time frame, democratic coup, not what you listed but what your notion is is a possible premises for peaceful Eritrean future and that can give full guarantee for Eraitrean sovereignty and healthy diplomatic relationships with the outside world.

Additional questions still exist for refining this potential strategic solution once we fully agree on PFJD is not only DIA and a couple of enforcers but a system that will even be hard to install a new democratic government. In addition, time frame for the strategy and in particular changing proclamations that were imposed solely to fulfill PFDJ ambition of enslaving the economic strata need a careful study. Unless favorable transitional governance is implemented, the day after implementation of the constitution is also another boiling dilemma.

Above all, human resource that is well educated in this regard needs to be prepared, inside and/or outside.

Finally, “Weed-Out” the PFDJ system as basic objective and to make it in a institutional way beheaded by “Democratic-Coup is what I am fully supporting to have a peaceful (at least with minimum chaos) transition to democracy. And on those who are ready to take this as a strategy need a concerted effort to propagate this Democratic Coup as a way of toppling the brutal regime in Asmara and among those who are having a PFDJ mindset.

A note on Democratic-Coup:…

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