Love and Trust: A Contemplation

—–Beginning of Contemplation—–

I thought love was greater than trust. I was quite confident through the testimonies of accumulated knowledge, better borrowed, not mine but copied, I had. Through time I came to realize that my fake knowledge on this subject was wrong.

 I counted on those absolved loves and with valid and honest reasons behind it. In most what I found was “Absence of Trust”. From that time on words I started to contemplate on both. My focal center of questioning was, “how can love be greater than trust?

This on-going contemplation is coming with trusted conclusion that says “Love is as equally great as Trust”. To consolidate my thoughts further I am concluding by saying;

“Love begins and Ends life. The link of these two life ends is Trust.”

——–End of Contemplation—–

 Lesson to be Extracted

Trust is everything.

 Love without trust does not exist. Life without love is unworthy to be lived. And its[trust] meaning becomes more important when you should share with the one who is supposed to be dear to you.

 Trust is not doing what you shouldn’t but being true on what you did. Faking is a layman’s tool where trust can be easily destroyed by.

To be trusted therefore:

  • Be true to yourself and others.
  • Don’t fake.
  • Don’t pretend

If you are into, just say it or do it. Let no one to conclude on bservations done from your acts. The time conclusions are made, the values they had on you simply vanishes. Since after, the supposed to be shared trust is lost. Consequently, love terminates, common life becomes worthless. Yet there could be continuity in anguish, pain, sorrow, loniness and hatred.

 Be therefore full of trust into each other!

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