Pain of the Soul

I started a fake relationship out of fear. A fear of self. A self that failed to trust its own energy. An energy that gives life. This happened some years before. Since then I live in anguish, an anguish that competes with my inner peace and a making of life momentum. Now, I am in a desperate situation; a situation that is eroding my existence.

I love existence from the very beginning. Though the existence of my existence was between the walls of life challenges; I never surrendered. I had a decent life discourse. It was good, even when I make self-evaluation. Those who know me, I am always good. Sadly, I started to toxify my own presence since I decided to overcome my own inconfidence.

It all happened like a ghetto party. In an invitation that I went for fun, I was stucked in a sudden feeling of exotic lust of crossing my wise lines. These wise lines were of highly conservative, a conservative that puts everything in a box of fear of manhood.

This is what it put me to jump into a fake relationship. Since then my inner soul is just burning. I am not sure when to stop this though I have to. If not the pain of the soul will be unstoppable. Sooner it will ruin my own existence, the existence of being human.

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