I heard Biteweded
a voice
with purity
from sanity
right after meditation
an enlightening
an inspiring
for rights
from within the beloved
the people
from the people
to the people
yes a pure democracy
full of trust
not out of fear
but out of courage
out of reconciliation
and development
his motto
a heart
and mind
all in one
and for one
just for one
and the one is
a product of 65,000 +
a nation of nations
a pride of pride
a diamond
of priceless
simply for the dreams
dreams of justice and reconciliation
yes, the voices echoed
almost 20 years old
yet, alive and inspiring
a sound of purity
I heard
yes I heard
a voice of purity

Originally at awate comment section in 2015 http://awate.com/like-an-addict-eritrea-needs-family-intervention/