Betrayal of Eritreans

Memories of Lampedusa 

How Eritreans were betrayed by their own supposed responsible government at that time though PFDJ regime can not be considered as a government

No one can forget the crimes committed by the ruling regime, PFDJ on his reaction about the Lampedusa Tragedy, specially when the Eritrean citizens are named by their supposed own national TV channel to be labelled as “Illegal African Immigrants”

Awate recorded the reaction by the totalitarian regime as follows:

The Reaction of the Eritrean Regime

1. On October 4th, while Diaspora Eritreans were in a state of shock and grief, Eri-TV (State TV) referred to the incident as a case of “illegal African immigrants” who are said to be of “Horn of Africa nationality.”

2. While some may have given the regime the benefit of doubt for being uncertain about the nationality of the victims, on October 4th, Yemane Gebremeskel, the director of the President’s office, tweeted (posted on Twitter) “Condolences to the families who have lost their dearest ones in the Lampadusa disaster. Time 4 urgent action 2 ensure this never happens.” This line was featured prominently on without disclosing that it was a re-write of the tweet.

3. Yemane Gebremeskel then went on to have twitter flame wars with Leonard Vincent (AFP) because the latter had asked “Has anyone thought of asking Eritrean top official if he still thought the Lampedusa tragedy is “not a big issue”? Vincent was referencing Yemane Gebremeskel’s interview with Fox News/AFP a month earlier when, asked about the exodus of Eritreans, he had replied “It’s not a big issue.”

More details can be read by visiting:Lampedusa Tragedy: A chronicle

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