An argument to dash

Dear beloved Awatistas,


Introduction to Newtonian Law and its relationship with identity

Thanks to my Newtonian law, it is applied perfectly. Here is the application of my Newtonian Law in politics.

When I read lines that goes agains humanity in general and the rights of Eritreans to live in particular, gravitational law lands me to the target area. The force generated is directly proportional to the magnitute of ideas and inversely proportional the square of the distance between the lines of thinking. Once the gravitational force is developed, just the moon and earth, a strong wave shutters the line of thinking and the sentences starts to vibrate and hence the kinteci theory.

During the application of kinetic theory, each sentence and words are bissected (thanks to dictionary), enough heat is generated to ignite the words and create collision. During this collision, sometimes, the heat is so high and the space we have is not enough to accomodate. At this moment, posting guidelines are usually crossed and warning follows. Thanks to the limited cyber space we have.

At this moment, most of the ideas are broken into pieces and everybody can pick them for further treatement.

It is very rare to reach to the level of quantum mechanics and apply quantum theory as huge explosion may occur to shut of all accessible ideas.

So far, during the Newtonian Law application, the gravitational force created were enough to create waves and accelerate the words so that the original idea is exposed fully. Quantum theory is reserved for final game against PFDJ as it has to be weeded-out without mercy and no traces to be left-out.

During all these discourses, except the identity of PFDJ, no further detail is needed except lines of thinking, literally mean, what people write here. If the lines of thinking are fine, they are fine and no gravitation will be developed and hence no Newtons Law. If not, the reaction to follow depends on the force created to create.

Remember, opposite ideas attract each other. This is basic law of Newtonian Law of Politics. If ideas are the same, no attraction and no politics.

To repeat, Opposite ideas are necessary for reaction to develop and hence politics.

Within concept, identity of the person is defined by his lines not by his birth identity.

Hence, identity in Newtonian law is line of thinking.


The case of Hayat Adem

let me first make clear this to Saay7:

Dear Saay7, I don’t care who Hayat Adem is as far as she is not OK to share with us.

Dear beloved Awatisats,

I am happy and willing to tell you who I am as I am who I am. No more, no less. I happy with who I am and I am sharing it with you how much I love myself. It is because of my love that I learned to love others. This is my basic life principle that is keeping me to grow.

The above point can help us to meditiate one thing: if you are confident on who you are, you tell it. And when you tell the truth, you get it and that is internal and conscience satisfaction.

On those who are not to share with us on who they are, I have only one point to say, you are just faking your love. No matter how you try to be peace loving and knowledeable you may be, it is against conscience and internal happiness. It kills first you.


In politics:

Unfortunately, most of the time, it is very rare to meet people who genuinely advocate what is inside them. Recently, the world has registered few genuine politicians who are true to themselves and true to their ideals.

Mandela and Ghandi are at the forefront.

In our Eritrean history and genuineness, we are lucky, we have also many registered and unregistered, martyred and executed. Abdel Kadir Kebire, Sheik Ibrahim Sultan and Abona Woldeab Woldemariam are from the old but of alive because of their deeds generations we Eritreans are proud to mention their names. And our great revolutionaries like Osman Sabbe can be remembered of our heroes of the armed struggle. Many whom I didn’t mention here are also genuine politicians of today’s Eritrea.

Within this line, here at awate forum, we are glad to have people who darely love their people and are open and available all time. Thanks to know some through e-mails, FB and telephone calls and many here at the forum.


on the other side, people pretend and they go for their politics. The problem with these pretenders is not hiding their identities, but their identiy flashes here and then and when the reader detects them, they reject. Through continuous detection and refusal, one asks himself if he is really honest with him/her-self. This is human nature.

If human being was created to be perfect, our lines of thinking could be consistent and persisent. Unfortunately they are not. The problem is neither with inconsistency nor with inpersistency, but with denial. DENIAL, DENIAL and most of the time, BETRAYAL.

If this is so, let’s see PFDJ and his leader DIA. How many days and years they denied and betrayed us and more for themselves? 1000 times, 1,000,000 times, my God, it is infinite.

Then, do we know the identity of PFDJ?

Is PFDJ junta Eritrean if simple physical identity is an identity by itself?

I have read and heard many times people claiming that PFDJ is not Eritrean. They are right. But, the identity they mention is not of nationality but the idenity of humanity. The identity that has dignity, values and rights. This is what people have in their mind when they talk on the identity of PFDJ.

The same can hold true with people who say they are humans but when they do inhumane activities.

Hayat Adem, which is now of subject matter, is the same as that of PFDJ. For me, Hayat Adem is not human. Let not even mention national, religious affiliation or sex identity. She is against humanity and hence is non-human.

I don’t care whether she is Eritrean, Ethiopian, TPLF agent, PFDJ agent, what ever you name it. I don’t care even if she is male of female, educatednon-educated, Moslem, non-moslem, bahai or Jehovah. I don’t care. What I care is about her ideas. And her idea is ANTI-HUMANITY. She is not shame to call one country to intervene and take military measures against another country. She cares no for the human loss, she cares no for the consequences.

Why we care then about her identity. She is claming as an Eritrean, female and her name as Hayat Adem, let it be. But we need to tell her that she is against humanity. Merciless messenger of killers.

In fact, she is an Eritrean who has extreme hate on her own people, just the same as dictator Issaias.

I confidently say, DIA is neither Eritrean nor Ethiopian. He has no identity but a mission to KILL people. Same holds true with Hayat Adem.


Dear Saay7*, as chauvinist as you are, you have spent lots of time to describe the the identity of Dictator Issaias Afewerki. Too much time. You didn’t focus on the ideas but on the personality. And now, you are coming to the identity of this inhumane lady called Hayat Adem. Stop please.

DIA and Hayat Adem are playing with their ideas. Let’s kill their ideas. Their are blood thirsty who share their venom with their followers to drink blood of innocent people. They live drinking blood. They don’t care from where the blood comes as far as it is blood. Hayat Adem is neither Eritrean not Eritrean above all she is non-human. She has no single trace of humanity in her mind, the same as that of DIA.

I don’t know how some forumers are finding her alluring when she openly calls for war. Had humanity was not the measure, Hitler could have been worshipped for his extra skills to mobilize the Germans against all and especially the Jews. This is what Hayat Adem is exactly doing.

Solution: Let’s rebuff their ideas and weed-them out.

Dear Awate forumers, it will be good if we share our identity, it iwill be an added value. What matters most is our ideas. And ideas are challenged by ideas no matter who holds them. Hence, I reject Saay7’s claim for identity questioning.

As is almost the only web at this time which has a profound foundation to discuss on ideas, let’s keep this standard and challenge the unchallengeable.

Thanks to my Newtonian Law which doesn’t discriminate identity.



* Please Saay7, with all respect I have for you, I call you to challenge as usual on ideas not on personalities. You have a gift almost no Eritrean has at this time, but you are sharing it significantly more than necessary on fighting personalities. Your Issaiaism attack is at the top. I feel that this is not helping us to destroy ideas. Unless ideas are destroyed, killing personally

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is almost nothing but multiplying the virus.

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