Politics of Jeberti People

First of all, my take is on the corrupted political doctrine of habeshanism. I believe habeshanism today is an equal term with that of Negroism. As much as Negers are proud of their skin colour and tradition as a whole, the newly growing Habesha identity among the diaspora people is becoming a culture of exiled people with different culture and tradition but in search of a unifying factor.

Tto advocate it as a new identity is fine as far as it doesn’t go beyond. Point here, when I say beyond, I am keeping in mind those people who don’t describe themselves as owners of habesha culture in its original form but are swayed by a wind that never belongs to them.

To be frank, I don’t have any qualms if the exiled people living in USA, EU and others cultivate a unifying culture called “Habesah” as it can give them a new identity to unite them in the newly established land. It is better than nothing and at least good enough to create something new version of common identity in which no one can claim. Thanks to PFDJ clustering system of identity, Back home, inspite of it s absence in the classification system, habesha is a sub-set within the of Eritreans cultures now despite its virtual nature.

To come back to your point:

What keeps me worried is that the Jeberti people bought too much from the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist oriented politics of ELF/EPLF and now PFDJ. Ethnicity is an ideological game. Revolutionaries use ethnicity to advance their homoginization process as an initial step. They build defined sub-systems that can easily be targeted through political campaign.

Thinking deeply on the political nature of such categorization, the sub-system they construct under the package of social re-engineering. The main  driving force of “Racism and Ethnicity”  doctriniation is mainly to focus on certain group of social formations through concerted action so that difference can be minimized. They introduce clustering sytem in order to administer and make a complete monopoly of their affairs. Once they define the territory, then they advance their doctrination easily.

They use the defined ethnic clustering during their cultural propaganda. The propagate as if there is diversity though their main objective is uniformity. In their central ideology, little care is given to the concept of 3diversity is diversity. They define the boundaries for the sole purpose of channeling their doctrination and constant brainwashing. Values are destroyed and introduce new and distorted revolutionary culture. Same kind of logistics (such as housing, food and clothes) is provided so that finally people will be forced to develop a new way of living. when they see people behaving in the same manner, they call it a “Social Revolution”.

The contradicting reality is that though people evolve naturally they are forced to revolve and hence turn around. This is what it does revloution.

In Eritrea, the revolution we did has expanded into an area where the people never imagined before. Beside its main objectives of freedom struggle, it went deep into the land-use system revolution and cultural revolution. This was done after trying to adapt the Chinese and other revolutionary principle.

Chinese revolution had different dimension. First, it was set-up to end Japanese domination but later on on the cultural revolution of the 1960s. This time was coincided with time where DIA was there. And I am quite sure this period has huge influence to adopt the chinese model.

You might be wondering whey I am talking about such looking irrelevant topics. Hold on, I have a reason to do so because the Jeberti case a direct result of “Racism and ethnicity politics of marxism (file:///D:/Downloads/543bc9a00cf204cab1db30e3.pdf). The world hqs seen such kind of political struggle as these people who advance such kind of identity politics are direct victims of such revolutions. During the revolution time, Jeberti was clustered as Tigrigna speaking people during the concept of the society of People of Eritrea. Uunder the then established cluster group of Ethnicity, it was sided asTigrigna ethnic group.

Without realizing the ideology behind it, people took it as political rght to fight for ethnicity. And it became a loud struggle because of the advantaged they have within them. There are some forgotten societies and many clustered societies under the name of Ethnicity. Many chapters are open to sue their case if rule of law flourishes once democracy is set. The Saho people case is of no different. The three Blin case is of no different.

What makes me sad is that, instead of abolising the greater ideology that let tus down to think and fight for identity, we forgot the principle of human rights to define who they are and accepted the classification system of the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist ideologues. All fight therefore to fit into such classification system but under a separate name.

Dear Dayphi, let me ask you this:

In countries like USA or Australia or Sweden or UK, in a place where large number and influencial people of Jeberti live, did the governments of these nations refused them if they register themselves as ” Jeberti as an Ethnic” group?

I really want to hear this, if any of the Jeberti people asked to be registered as Jeberti Ethnic group, are they refused?

My answer is “NO COUNTRY WILL REFUsE FOR YOUR CLAIM” And this is with 99.90 % probability.

Therefore, Jeberti are victims of first revolutionaries ideology and so are during the PFDJ administration. PFDJ is still in his old guerrilla politics.

For a rule that respects humanity, Racism, Ethnicism, Tribalism are no more from identification. Humanity is much bigger than those categories. If one there is democracy, people have a free choice to be identified, be them as groups or individuals and YET all live in harmony but with diversity. Diversity is not li;ited to clothes and dances. Diversity includes everything.

How one can imagine the respect of culture and identity if every entity, including housing design style, food, clothes and schools are rationed with using same logistics? PFDJ controls everything and finally, if it continues to exist, the people of Eritrea will loss everything they own and will be state controlled. No diversity and hence no cultural difference and ethnicity.

Countries lead by dictators don’t like diversity. They like uniformity. This is the reason for PFDJ to introduce Sawa and is now advancing to his level best.

Dear Dayphi, let’s think at humanity level and appreciate our diversity. To tell you the truth, let even Eritrea has 100+ ethnic groups. It will be so beautiful to see different colors.

If some body thinksm he is Habesha, let him be. According to human rights basic law of respect, every individual has a right to be who he is. This means, there will not imposition. The rule of law will only ask him to get registered as such.

The same will hold true if Eritrea is a free and democratic country. And hence freedom.

Concerning history of Jeberti people, I have mentioned good places and even a place that is considered as Holy by Jeberti people near Mendefera. Their history goes way beyond the simple historical narrations we hear today.

concerning their origin, let SGJ talk about it but I think they trace back their family lineage to Tigrai. What I sure about is that recently they were victims of Ethiopian warlords and forced them to migrate deep into the territories of Eritrea. But I would like to hear and learn more about the Jeberti Anthropology (Hi SGJ or saay7, is there any book that I can read in detail).

What I can also confidently say, one can not be jeberti by adoption. It is of familial in nature.

To link Jeberti and Habesha, well, yes they are Habesha. They belong to the geographical location, they are among the people who are described by Arabs as Habesha. And still they maintain what was said before about these people.

Dear Dayphi, don’t take it as an exclusive link between habesha and jebereti. Habesha also includes other people like Amhara and Tigriyna speaking of Ethiopia and Eritrea. Jeberti are one of them. One thing clear though, these is a cultural difference between these people who accepted to be called as Habesha.

Amhara people will have a different version of Habesha so as the Tigriyna speaking people. One common character they have though, their hospitality is magnificient.

Looking into the Amhara and the other Tigriyna speaking people except Jeberti, they are all war mongering people. Recenlty, Amharas fledged war without mercy and so are the Tigryna speaking of both Eritrea and Ethiopia.

@kokhobselam I don’t know why but habesha people like wars equally as they do for peace. The Koboro war junkies that we hear to day from like Semere Andom and Hayat Adem is of no exception. They like aggression and rumors of war. Can you enlighten me why they do so?

Dear Dayphi, finally, I would like to ask you about the fate of Jeberti lead movement of Alnahda Party. If PFDJ accepts Jeberti as an ethnic, will they stop their struggle and be incorporated to the PFDJ junta by liquidating their party? I am asking this because in one of their central objectives, the Jeberti issue is very significant.

[Originally written under comment section of Awate Forum under the article http://awate.com/absence-of-class-is-filled-by-something-lower/%5D by me, under nickname tes on 11.04.2015

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