A lesson that we should not let it pass

Our political organization groups are easily shakable. History shake them, human rights activity shake them and individuals who have big mouth can shake them.

We need to build our political organization in such away that they can absorb any shake. If human rights activity reach them, let the door be open and be audited. But let not their visit shake the organization. We should have a capacity to absorb big earthquake if not what we design will fail again and again.

For example, the Kunama opposition leader generated a big earthquake after denying Hamid Idris Awate as our icon in the armed struggle. The whole meeting attaendants diverted their attention and stood to correct him. Just a waste of time. history has it all. History is merciless and anyone who denies history denies himself and also history denies him.

Now, the case of IT and coming of Elsa Chrum has shaked ESMYS and everybody has been affected. Many from EYSC came in and tried to manupilate the case by their crocodile tears. Many from ESMYS vomited their hatred towards the accusers.This is a waste of time and energy and it is simply a shame to see our political organizations being easily shaked.

Lets design a much stronger political movements that has a capacity to overcome any stress or earthquake imposed on them. I am talking about all and especially our YOUTH opposition camps, both EYSC and EMYNS, and if there are others, let them be strong.


Wasting a valuable energy and time watching the other to fail is nothing but a weakness. Lets build all rounded with what ever political line of thinking organizations to defeat PFDJ politically, militarily, socially and economically.

I am very hopeful that the case of IT has tested our status and it is not that much difficult to guage where we are.


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